Nikki San Nunag

nikki san nunag team elite


"But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.” - Jeremiah 17:7

This is a testament of God’s amazing grace for HE orchestrated every detail of her life. With nothing but willingness in her heart to learn, a hunger to succeed, and the passion to transform lives, she strove to work hard to become a Team Elite.


Nikki San always knew she would become successful someday - she just didn’t know how, but she was certain with the ‘WHY’, and that is to provide an abundant life for her family. It was a dream for her to become a flight attendant and travel the world in style. She took up BS Tourism in college after which she applied in an airline company which eventually rejected her. Thereafter, she worked in a BPO company for five (5) years. Later on her sister encouraged her to enroll in Nursing so she could work in the United States. After receiving her license as a nurse, she was so happy thinking that this was the answer to her prayer. She always thought that working abroad would give her more opportunities to grow and earn, the same way that her loving and responsible father did when he worked for thirty-five (35) long years as a merchant marine officer overseas. However, when she got her license after her licensure exam, recession came in the United States. When she thought that she was being rejected by something that seemed so good, the Lord was redirecting her life to something so much better.


One day she got a text message from a friend who wanted to do a product demonstration for her Mom, that led her to this opportunity called Nu Skin -- and opened the door for a lot of significant life changes. The first time she tried the products she instantly fell in love with its demonstrable difference. In the beginning she really didn’t understand the business side and she didn’t take it seriously, she just enjoyed distributing the products. That was until she started attending events and met several successful people, one of them her mentor, Rhea Gudani, for the first time in one of the spa parties she attended. In one of her presentations she asked “would it be okay for you to work for the next 5 years and never have to work again?” Rhea’s lifestyle attracted her the most and sealed the deal. She forgot about Nursing! Nikki slowly pursued Nu Skin headstrong.


The lack of business background and feeling of incompetence did not hinder her from taking the big leap in this business. Powered by her faith in God and the desire to bless others, she passionately used and shared the products of Nu Skin. The saying “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” is exactly what she experienced while doing the business. It is all about passionately doing it every single day because it is worth it. She was certain that through consistent hard work, commitment and resilience, possibilities are limitless. In fact she took her business on a different level when she embraced Social Media Marketing. This allowed her to expand her borders and break boundaries. She is the woman behind NuBeauty, and this allowed her to connect with hundreds of women around the globe who is as passionate as she is to beautify this world one family at a time, and to be able to bring them home close to their families for good. She is happy to know that because of her decision a few years ago, many lives was transformed, and many families were restored -- especially OFW’s -- and more people became the best version of themselves.


The part that she loves the most in this business is that she knows in every step and in every effort that she gives leads her to reaching her dreams and she is no longer working for someone else’s dreams. Nikki believes the business allows one to design their life. The effort one gives everyday will reap rewards tenfold in due time.


Fast forward today, where her Mondays have never been the same again. She never has to go through working on a shift and being controlled by an alarm clock. She now has full control of her life and can spend quality time with her loved ones while enjoying the leverage income she built along the way. The best thing in this business is that it has allowed her to travel the world every year and bring her loved ones abroad as well. This year she will be going to several first class trips and witness God’s magnificent creations, seeing the world in style without spending a dime -- through Nu Skin incentive trips.


One of the greatest blessings in this business is the special connections and friendships formed with her business partners. They are her second family and she treasures them the most. This business has changed her perspective in life. As she continually grows and thrives in the business, the priceless and immeasurable worth of success is being able to live a life of significance. She finds joy hearing from her clients that they feel and look better, and she gets teary-eyed seeing the growth and milestones of her leaders. She finds great joy in seeing their lives improve and that they get to bless other lives too.


Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely. 1 Corinthians 13:12


Today as she embraces the Team Elite milestone , she can say everything was orchestrated by God, and that this is and continues to be a meaningful and wonderful journey for her. More than the money and the travels, she found her life’s true purpose and that is to be a Salt and Light in this world. She can now completely do the things that satisfies her the most and that is to joyfully do her ministry of regularly holding discipleship groups of Single Women, teaching Sunday School to children, and being a blessing each day to every person she meets.


At this point she wants to take this opportunity to honor the people who played a significant role in this journey:


To all her NuBeauty partners all over the world, thank you for giving her the reason to wake up everyday, you are all God’s blessing to her and she treasure each one of you! Her prayer is will discover your purpose, you are meant to bloom and blossom, she can’t wait to see you all on stage and share your success story!


To Allan San Andres her diligent Account Manager, thank you for working hand in hand until the finish line, she is blessed to have you. To her CROSS Family, thank you for being her prayer warriors. To Allain and Mike Jimeno, this journey became more memorable because she has the two of you. Thank you for the love and friendship.


To her Mama and Papa, she would like to honor you both with her success. You are the reason why she did not give up. You have been her great source of inspiration. You have filled her life with so much love , care and goodness. Thank you for teaching her the values in life that allowed her to be where she is now. She will forever be grateful for having you as her parents. Thank you for the unconditional love and support she receive from her siblings, Ate Sheila, Ate Sharon and Nikko. Nikki loves you all beyond words. Whatever she has is also yours.


To Sandy Martinez, thank you for always believing in her and thank you for your amazing leadership. JP Villegas, thank you for your words of wisdom and for sharing your faith that blessed her.


To Ryan and Rhea Gudani, thank you for your Christlike leadership, as she looks at you and certainly sees why the Lord placed both of youin her life. You have encouraged and pushed her to go further, your excellent results in life are what inspired her the most. Rhea, you are her superhero! She loves you, her cousin.


And most of all, she would like to give back all the glory and honor and praise to our Almighty God, our Lord Jesus Christ. She found the one true God that satisfies her soul. Jesus Christ, the lover of her soul. You are the reason why she is here today. This milestone will always remind her that God is alive and he is involved in every detail of our lives. His ways and His plans are undoubtedly perfect for each one of us.


This journey to Team Elite grew her faith with the Lord and she completely entrusted her life to God. He provided and directed her steps until their full completion.


As mentioned in Matthew 6:33 “Seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness and everything will be given unto you”.


Nikki’s message to everyone is this: “You must have a dream to get started, make your dream so big that it excites you to wake up each day -- you must be laser focused to keep going and you must have the courage to fight for your dreams and finish this race.


Do not aspire to make a living, aspire to make a difference. Live passionately!”


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