Michael & Allain Jimeno

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Success made intentionally

Allain grew up in a business-oriented family. Even at a young age, she recalls making polvoron (English-shortbread), pastillas (milk-based confectionery), and ice candy to earn money. In 2002, she put up her own business as a meat vendor. Unfortunately, her business slowed down due to high competition. She decided to give up that business to look for another opportunity where she need not worry about overheads. Her wish got granted in 2007 when she was hired as an agent in one of the biggest BPO companies in Pampanga.


While working for three years, she found herself very stressed with no money. All of her salary would be spent on her family. She thought of going abroad to seek greener pastures but she was hesitant in doing so because of the thought of leaving her family.


Mike on the other hand, graduated as BS ECE in Mapua. After graduation, he got a job at Cypress Semiconductor as a Product Engineer. Showing impressive work ethic, he climbed the management ladder very fast and was given opportunities to work and train in the United States. But the additional work made him unhealthy, have anger issues, and saw his relationship with his family begin to break down. He felt completely lost and without purpose.


After praying hard, God answered Allain’s prayers. One day, her brother invited her to see his new office. Being supportive, she accepted the invitation. They shared to her the opportunity but she initially did not understand it. But after, she tried a facial spa session and was amazed by the demonstrable result. She decided to do the business by sharing it to others who would want to look and feel younger.


Then, Mike had seen it in Cavite. Nu Skin was introduced to him by a well-trusted colleague. At first, he was hesitant to do the business because he got burnt out on the previous MLM company. However, he decided to see the business proposal. After the presentation, he got excited and decided to do the business part-time.


As a couple, they started using the products, attended equipping events and personal development trainings. They knew that they had to change mindset—from being an employee to acquiring a CEO mentality. In their first year doing Nu Skin, they became Executives in a month, achieved Ruby status in 6 months, and was part of the 1 Million Peso Circle in less than a year.


Everything were running smoothly, but in any business, they experienced struggles and challenges. Their downturn came when most of their business partners quit on them and rejection was extremely high. Mike’s belief was put to the test. But instead of quitting and with Allain’s perseverance, he decided to trust the process.

While this was happening, Mike got transferred to a high-paying job overseas. The perks were really good. However, something was diminishing. Deep inside, he missed his family. It broke his heart to see his wife and kids in tears every time he would leave. As an OFW, these fundamental questions always lingered in his mind: Was he a financial provider only? Or should he also provide physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs? How can he teach his boys to be men? How can he protect his daughter? And, how can he completely love his wife if he was not present?


This was the turning point of his life. He said to himself, “I NEED TO GO HOME.” His primary purpose came out and that was to achieve TIME FREEDOM. Together with Allain, they made Nu Skin their one and only option. In June 2015, he had finally matched his expat salary with their Nu Skin income. After 14 years of working, he finally resigned and did Nu Skin full-time.


By God’s grace and their high belief in Nu Skin, they were able to buy their first brand new car and their own home. Furthermore, Allain was able to bring her mom on an incentive trip—a cruise around Asia on a first class business trip for free. Allain also traveled to Japan, and just last year, the couple enjoyed the European cruise sponsored by Nu Skin again. This was a very memorable and priceless moment that they experienced together.


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