Kathleen Dacera-Agustin

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kathleen dacera


When it's all finished, you will discover it was never random.

“When it is all finished, you will discover it was never random.” Kathleen is still in awe at how God led her to this day.


When Kathleen was 24 years old, she came home and saw something that made a lasting impact on her. It was the very first time that she saw her father looking so emotionally frail. Her father wasn’t saying anything but she knew it was the first time he was overcome by worry about earning for the family. And she never sees her Papa weak. She never sees her Papa sad. KL was born in a poor community, but her father worked very hard so that she and her sister don’t look or feel “poor.” She asked herself how someone could be so kind, so good, so hardworking, and still struggle with earning money. It was then that she decided she had to contribute to the family to have a better life-no matter what it takes.


She learned of massive dreaming even for seemingly impossible things from her parents. Her family is from Mindanao and when her sister was born, her Papa decided to move to Manila by himself to give the family a better life. Starting as a plumber, he eventually could bring his wife and older daughter to Manila. Kathleen was born in a squatters’ settlement in Quezon City. She remembers a time when her home’s entire floor was just the soil on the ground because they didn’t have enough money yet to put actual flooring. Her Papa worked so hard to build their home, and almost everything inside it: the cabinets, our bed, our tables-he built all with his own hands.


She remembers her Papa and Mama showing them their dream home, that her Papa drew himself. It was probably then when she realized it was okay to dream the biggest dreams despite any circumstance. She learned of service from her parents. KL and her family didn’t have much but there were many christmases when they were still able to find resources to pack lunch for 100+ street kids. It was probably then when it was imprinted on her that she ought to not just live for herself, but for others also.


When she was a kid, there were toys she would see on TV that she wanted so badly but couldn’t have, because she understood that there were more important things than spending on expensive toys. Their family experienced having a telephone and a refrigerator at home when she was already in college. There are many stories growing up that still make her cry until now whenever she thinks about them. She cries not with self-pity, but with gratitude because looking back, she realized that God used all that pain to change her family’s life for the better.


She took school seriously and graduated with high honors from the University of the Philippines-Diliman, and was also granted scholarships out of the country. She was a very good student because she was hungry to be successful. Because of this she never had any trouble looking for work, she was automatically hired as a Bank Officer right after graduation under a management trainee program.


At 24, the pain of seeing her Papa that afternoon made her decide that if it’s for the family, it was probably worth saying ‘yes’ to Nu Skin. Along the way, she gave up the Bank and her “Economist” aspirations because she realized that Nu Skin was getting her so much closer to her dreams than her corporate career.


Her life has seen an avalanche of blessing since she decided to dirty her hands and commit to the business. As parents, she and her husband Erwin (who also happens to be a Team Elite and MDC) wanted the best for their kids. When their son Zach turned 3 years old the couple decided to send him to school and it cost them a 6-figure tuition fee. It suddenly dawned on her that her parents also love them as much, but the best practical option when she was growing up was the closest public school to where they lived. Financial freedom is good, but she is even more grateful for the time freedom. Erwin and KL are full-time parents to Zach. Kathleen gets to watch him grow EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. They are there to witness his every milestone, big or small. She is in love with the business because it has allowed her family really to live their life the way they want, unconstrained by any limit. For the longest time, life was good despite having to shrink it to fit a certain budget, but what joy it is to not have to settle anymore. She has given her heart and full commitment in the business because, beyond satisfying materialistic wants it has given them the FREEDOM to CHOOSE the way they want to live their life. It sounds simple, but back in the corporate world, financial success and immense time freedom seemed like two opposing ideas. People chasing more financial success had to give up more and more time, and those who wanted more time early on had to give up financial success. This business taught her and made her experience that with enough planting, she can choose and have both.


The business has allowed her to give back to her parents. This business has taken them to many awe-inspiring travels around the world and they’ve brought their parents with them to many of those trips. There was one trip to the States where she booked business class for her parents. She found out that they asked to be sent to the airport in the morning when their flight was still in the evening because they found out that business class comes with a buffet at the waiting lounge. They had breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet before their trip. As funny as the memory was, if one were the daughter of that two very excited parents like that, the word “priceless” is not even close enough to describe how it all made KL feels. The business gave her too many chances to buy a lot of happiness for her loved ones when the money stopped becoming an issue in the family.

The business has also allowed her to give back to God. God has blessed them in tremendous ways and the only way to give back to that immense kindness is to serve other people also. There are businesses that can turn out good profits, but very rarely would one find a business that the only way to have success is to inevitably bless lives. Her partners’ personal successes are all because of their own grit, but it’s a heartwarming kind of fulfillment knowing that she was at least a small part of these success stories.


When she looks back at the road that got her to this milestone she realized that every pain of not being born to wealth fueled her hunger for a better life, every trouble, every challenge, every struggle, everything was all God-sent to prepare her to make a difference in more lives, to prepare her for this. So, wherever one is coming from, don’t regret all the pain, instead respond with faith.


Every so often, they also must push themselves to the realm of the impossible. If they settle for what is ‘possible’, what is ‘easy to accomplish’, and don’t dream God-sized dreams, God will have no stage to perform His miracles in our lives. She got here because she was brave enough to dream crazy big dreams, and was hungry for this, and she has a Big God who filled the gap between the best that she could give and what was needed to make the dream happen.


She was very clear with her ‘why’. Some people are loyal to their vehicles when they should be more loyal to their whys. They invest hours upon hours and pour their heart out on vehicles that might fulfill one of their life goals, but doesn’t really lead them to their dream life. Her dream is to be a great wife, a great mommy, a great sister, a great daughter, to create amazing memories with them and to serve and give back to God. It looked prestigious to pursue Economist as a career but when she searched deep within it wasn’t what made her truly happy.


Lastly, she believes that there is no success without hard work and sacrifice. The amazing thing about success in Nu Skin is that sacrifices here are temporary. She sweats it out, dirtied her hands, every single day that she had to work. She always chose the choices that would lead to her dream life.


“I am forever grateful to my challenges that built my character; to the corporate staff for your amazing support; to everyone involved in the business who all have stories that inspired me to stay and go all out; to all my partners and their families for inspiring me to be better; to my mentors and sales leaders I don’t know where I would be, business-wise, if not for the learnings I got from you; to a group of awesome women who are not only partners to me but also sisters who have been my rock all these years; to my sister, my tremendous source of strength; to my parents who I’m lucky to have because the values you imprinted on me were the exact values that got me to where I am now; to Erwin, Zach and to baby Zara, you are my ultimate why and my ultimate inspiration, I thank God every day for bringing you three in my life. And to Papa God, who has never left my side. Your promise made me do the impossible.


“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” - Joshua 1:9


To God Be All the Glory”.


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