Benz & Jennifer Solco

benz & jennifer solco


“Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God” - 2 Corinthians 3:5

This Team Elite journey was only possible because the Lord was with them. They are in awe of His majestic hands, they cannot boast or claim anything, but because of His grace and mercy, they are now Team Elites!


Jen was a preschool teacher who dreamt of having her own preschool. However, she lost millions putting up this traditional business. She learned not to chase success but to chase God’s direction for her life. That was when she was prospected by strangers who turned out to be Nu Skin distributors — and the rest, they say, is history — the beginning of their fulfilling Nu Skin Journey.


Benz on the other hand was an entrepreneur who, at the start, did not support Jen because he thought doing Nu Skin meant smalltime income. When he discovered the growth of their income and experienced international incentive trips (Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey, Macau, France, Belgium, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Thailand) he then became open and more involved with their growing global business.


Many people would ask Jen and Benz what they got out of there journey towards Team Elite.


They definitely received firm faith. They saw God’s hands at the most difficult moments — not only difficult but impossible — and they saw Him move mountains, literally. Yes, they planted and planted massively. But God harvested what they did not plant. Referrals from acquaintances and friends all over the world were given on their lap, Impossible? The couple strongly attest that nothing is impossible with our living God Jesus Christ.


When they saw God move mountains, that was when the Lord touched their hearts and made Jen see that He will also be with them when they decide to become parents. They salute all parents because it’s something she feared for the longest time. She has strong faith in the Lord especially in the area of her business, marriage, finances, relationships, but when it comes to having children, she can’t seem to exercise the same faith that she boldly declares in the Nu Skin business.


But God used this Team Elite journey to prepare Jen for what she feared most, motherhood. He had confirmed, and He had spoken, just as He did when they decided to do achieve Team Elite. That is the only reason why they have the confidence to declare and share, only because God said “YES”!


In this Team Elite journey, gratitude has overwhelmed their hearts, so they want to thank the important people who are a part of this success: the corporate team, Pak Kany, Ms Arlene Asidao and kuya Allan San Andres, their awesome account manager! The Team Elites and Blue Diamonds, who all became Jen’s inspiration when she watched them onstage 6 and a half years ago, and God allowed Jen to see what was possible for her and Benz.


To all their partners, for their endless cheer and support which gave them the fuel to finish Team Elite. They felt all their prayers and so much love! Their hearts desire is to see them all onstage, praising the Lord. To their Blue Diamond partners Jeff and Marge Hizon who will push for Team Elite Monte Carlo, they appreciate their daily push to encourage Jen and Benz to be Team Elites. Now it is the couple’s turn to bless their mentors through daily encouragement. To mentor Sandy Martinez, who has encouraged them in many ways that they will always be grateful for. He has shown them that good leadership may mean they don’t get 5% anymore to people they mentor and yet there is so much joy. The couple are looking forward to their 5MDC because he did it first.


To Mentor Team Elites Ryan and Rhea Gudani, in 2015 after hitting Blue Diamond, they both encouraged them already to do Team Elite, they prayed for it and the Lord provided but they weren’t willing to participate yet. They praise God that Ryan and Rhea did not get tired to encourage them and found limitless ways to encourage them to become Team Elites. Even when they were still very far, they worked hard for their partners, helping them every day for meetings and appointments. They only looked at what’s possible in God’s eyes. Both of them have modelled not only excellence but a character of Christ that they will strive to emulate for God’s glory. Because they both did it not once but twice, they are now Team Elites with grateful hearts declaring God’s goodness over their lives!


Marge Hizon once told Jen, “you will not become Team Elite without Benz”. It was a scary statement that turned out to be true. On days when she wanted to give up already, Benz pushed her with surprising words like “I thought we’re doing Team Elite, let’s go out and prospect” (take note he is an introvert). The Lord truly quadrupled their income and blessed it so much when he came. She thanks Benz for obeying the Lord. Jen is with Benz as his supportive wife and partner in the business. She will submit to his leadership and wisdom because she knows all these are from the Lord.


To their greatest mentor, they have these words: “To our living God, our Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for dying on the cross for our sins. Because of Your death and resurrection, we have the peace and joy in the midst of trial, suffering and chaos. God did not promise a storm free life, but He promises a storm proof life. We love You Lord Jesus!


To God be all the glory!”


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