Ryan & Rhea Gudani

Ryan & Rhea Gudani

"I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do. - John 17:4"


The best gift you can ever give your family, loved ones and business partners is your STORY, a story that gets better and better every year. 


Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 


Our journey to 3-year Presidential Director has always been a reflection of God's goodness, faithfulness and grace.


Ryan and I always seek a new level of excitement energy and intensity as we set new goals and milestones each year such as Presidential Director Year 3. Many people would ask, what keeps us going despite the fact we are already living many of our goals and dreams today?  My answer would always be two words: PEOPLE and PURPOSE. Ryan and I pray to be the Salt and Light in this world in our own little way through excellence and servant leadership, and we just found the best platform to do that – Nu Skin!  


People - the people God placed under our care is a gift. We truly appreciate each one of them. Being a leader to them is a responsibility that Ryan and I value and put into hearts, and they are the reason behind all this fire! 


Purpose - we know why we are here and why we are doing this business. Aside from having big dreams, it is always who we represent, Jesus Christ, that gives us so much motivation to move forward and upward.  


You might ask 3 questions as you hear all the beautiful stories today. You might wonder:


“Can I really do this?” 


“Is this all real?”


“Why must I pursue Nu Skin?” 


Can you really do this? If someone like me can do it - who was raised in the province of Zamboanga, who considers herself very ordinary, who was faced with a tragedy at 19 years old, whose mother and cousin were murdered, and whose life was spared in 3 seconds in the same tragedy. Someone like me who had to stop school for a year because of the trauma, who came to Manila with only 500 pesos in her wallet, with no contacts, and no business background, who had to commute every day from Fairview, who suffered Mitral Valve prolapse for 5 years because of trauma and loss.


What will be your excuse? 


You see, choice is our greatest power! It is through the choices and decisions we make that we shape our future. I decided to turn this trial into triumph, this mess into a message, this test into a testimony, and this victim story into a victor story.  I’m grateful I found Nu Skin, and thankful to my cousin JP Villegas for showing me this wonderful opportunity.


My only question to those who are hearing our story for the first time is - do you have a dream? Is it worth fighting for?  


That single decision I made years ago landed me a life I’ve always wanted. There’s beauty in your dreams – you have to work for it, fight for it and live it! 


Is this Real?  


My husband is a living testament to how real this business is.  He came from a comfortable background and had a good education. He graduated Industrial Engineering from De La Salle University, and after which he acquired a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the Asian Institute of Management. This led him to Investment Banking which was a very lucrative industry at that time.  For four years, he managed the Philippine office of Morgan Stanley, one of the top investment banks in the world. If you're familiar with investment banking, the reason why they pay highly above standard is because of the stress that comes with it.  But getting married to me at that time made him realize so many things. I was already a Blue Diamond in Nu Skin, and I was starting to enjoy the fruits of my hard work. See I was working 12 hours a week while his boss was working 12 hours a day, and we both had the same income. Ryan realized there is much more to life than just doing a job that looks prestigious on the outside but is so draining and stressful on the inside. 


Given the fact that it’s unusual for anyone to leave a generous career in Investment Banking, Ryan opted to resign because he chose instead to live life with me and our son, and the endless possibilities the Nu Skin business has to offer. 


Now, for the past four and a half years that we’ve been doing Nu Skin together, our income has grown tremendously and unimaginably more each year, and Ryan’s passion in doing this has grown as well. So, I assure you, this business is real.


Lastly, why should you pursue Nu Skin? 


I don’t really know what motivates you in life, but if you believe you were born not only to enjoy but also to make an impact in this world, and leave it a much better place for the next generation - then Nu Skin is the way to achieve that.


There are so many opportunities to make money out there. You can start Nu Skin as a side hustle, but I assure you, the longer you do this business, the more you realize that this is the fastest vehicle to take you to your dream life - a life that you have always wanted to achieve through working hard. 


The Nu Skin business is more than just a side gig. It can help you build a legacy of love, servant leadership and transforming lives because this company is built to last.


Hence, we will never retire from Nu Skin.  We love what this business has to offer.  This is our ministry, this is our calling, this is our life, and this is truly a happy and blessed life. 


We pray that after reading our story, you will take that big leap. There comes a point when you must make the investment in yourself and walk away from what's no longer serving you. Start your own Nu Skin journey because the beauty and reality of your dreams begins with a single decision - by daring to be different!


And together let’s create a beautiful world of beautiful people with beautiful hearts for God’ glory.  



Million Dollar Circle Members are independent distributors who have earned over one-million US dollars in commissions over the lifetime of their Nu Skin distributorship. Not all distributors succeed or make money. Generating meaningful compensation as a distributor requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan please contact the company at (+632) 8687546 or go to www.nuskin.com.ph.