Robert Velhagen

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"I realized, in my industry I would have been successful, but it would just be me. In Nu Skin, I would be successful, plus I would help millions of other people become successful. I love this industry because we are changing lives for the better."

Robert Velhagen


At age 27, I had worked my way up the corporate ladder to become the Marketing Director of the ABS-CBN Foundation. I was in charge of the airtime marketing of five (5) television programs. I loved what I did and I loved the company I worked for. I was very good at what I did and I had ambitions of one day becoming president of my own television network.


At age 29, I had created record sales for my company and my career was thriving! I was on track to achieving my goals!  Then one fateful day my car needed repairs. While I was in the repair shop I met my good friend Val Victa. Val worked in my industry and he is someone I respect very much. Val knows that I am an extremely ambitious guy.  And so he asked me the one question that changed my life. “Hey, Rob. Are you open to looking at business outside of what you are doing now?”  “Sure” I said. “But what is it?” He said it is something “BIG”, and that his business partner would call me.


Later that day I received a call from Kirsty Cooke and we set a time and place to meet. We met at Dome in Greenbelt. There, she went on to explain to me this amazing concept of lifetime residual income.  That is when my world changed. I had no idea that such a thing existed. Kirsty showed me the Blue Diamond income and said  “When you get to this level, you can stop, walk away, and that money will come every month for the rest of your life.” So apparently, one did not have to be the president of a network and work 24/7 just to be able to achieve that kind of income.


All of a sudden my life goal changed. I no longer wanted to be the president of a network. Now I wanted to be a Blue Diamond!


I got my training from Paul Cooke. He explained what I needed to do. He asked me to gather a few people for my launch meeting. In the launch meeting, I signed up my cousin Dominic Timbancaya and my officemate Paola Llorando.  Paola went on to become the first Team Elite in the Philippines and a DSAP Hall of Fame Awardee for her record-breaking sales! In her line are Blue Diamond Executives Ojay and Yang Reantaso, Victor and Melissa Tongol and Ema Trinidad. Paola has since moved to Australia and has created a huge organization there.


In the next two weeks in the business, I was able to attract Ms. Joanna Joy Ong into the business. Joanna became the first ever Blue Diamond of the Philippines! In her leg are Singapore Blue Diamond Executives Siew Luen Chan and Patricia Ing Ping Wang, Ing Ching Wang, Winston Kwek and Valerie Cheah. The line then went to Malaysia which found Blue Diamond Executives Michelle Liew and Edward Chen.  Chong Wai Hong and Chua Mei Hsiang,  Patricia Tham. Juliana Mok,   Bryan Wong and Joseph Lee. Alex Fung, Dolly Al-Idros, Elaine Lockman, Justin and Keem Liew.


I did the business part-time for one year. It was the hardest I ever worked my entire life. From Monday to Friday, 7am – 6pm was work. 6pm to 10pm was for Nu Skin. Saturdays were whole day Nu Skin, 9am-5pm. And every Sunday was for in-home meetings.


I remember the first ever paycheck I received. It was far below minimum wage. Back then, the checks were mailed to you. That check was incredible for me. It showed me the business was real. It took me 6 months to achieve executive status. My first executive paycheck was equal to that of a top level corporate executive!  Right there I told my wife Sandy that I will resign from my job. She said to at least wait until I equaled my full time income, then quit.  After 6 more months, I equaled my full time income and quit my job. I have now been unemployed for 14 years J I tell people that I have  “CEO income with a Beach Bum lifestyle”.


The time freedom is incredible!  When my son Sean was born, I was already full-time in the business. So I was able to stay with my wife the whole time she was in the hospital. I had the rare privilege that most parents never have. And that was time with my child. To this day, I have not missed any single event in my son’s life. Every performance in school, every parent’s day, every award ceremony, every father-son camping trip, every birthday party. I was there for every single one.


As my son was growing up, I would often take him to the park to play. Ojay Reantaso once told me that what struck him was when he would call me during weekdays mornings and I would reply. “Sorry I can’t talk right now, my son and I are playing.”  Ojay has since had two beautiful children with Yang. And I see he and Yang have carried on the same values of being hands-on parents.


People ask me what did I sacrifice in order to be successful. The answer is nothing. I would have worked just as hard in order to be successful in any other endeavor. But if I did not do Nu Skin, I would have missed out on my son’s childhood. And that is the sacrifice that most people make. Because that is something that you can never ever get back.  I see now many Executives becoming parents. And I see that they also get to spend time with their children. The children are blessed to have parents that spend time with them. And we pass on to them the lessons that we received in the business such as goal-setting, leadership, positive mindset, abundance, generosity, charity, being solution oriented and mostly, to be a Force For Good in the world.


The children of our Nu Skin leaders will absolutely stand out from the rest of the population. They will be happy, confident achievers that will reshape our country.


When I started out in the business. Networking was seen as an illegal business and networkers were people that scammed friends. When I would tell people that I did networking for a living, they actually felt sorry for me.  This did not bother me as I saw the global economic trends. I saw that having a job would become an inefficient way to earn a living. And that one day it would eventually become obsolete.


Today, not only is networking accepted, the leaders are looked up to and envied. You can not enter any coffee shop in Manila and not see someone presenting a networking opportunity. I was just fortunate  that I stumbled upon the best one right from the start.


I saw back then that networking would be the future. Today, with the advent of the internet and smartphones, the whole world is connected.  Networking is no longer the future, it is the present. It’s time has come. It is only in our industry that we are able to stay ahead of the economic curve. It is only in networking that you see individuals happy and free.


Many look at my success and say that I was fortunate because I was with Nu Skin when it started. That is an excuse that they tell themselves. The truth is I succeeded because I chose one company and worked incredibly hard.  I persisted where others gave up. It’s not that I was there from the start, it is that I stuck with it till I achieved my goal.


Looking back, I wondered why God took me out of my first career and placed me here.  Then I realized, in my industry I would have been successful, but it would just be me. In Nu Skin, I would be successful, plus I would help millions of other people become successful. I love this industry because we are changing lives for the better.


Achieving this status is not an individual achievement.  It is the result of the efforts of quite a lot of people. My “One Team Global” uplines,  downlines and also my sideline partners. I would specifically like to thank Alyn Burgess, Paul and Kirsty Cooke, Steve and Louella Hatfield, Sean and Cherrie Brady, John McLelland and Nathan Ricks for personally mentoring me. I would like to thank Paola Llorando, Michelle Liew, Ojay and Yang Reantaso, Victor and Melissa Tongol , Chong Wai Hong and Chua Mei Hsiang for leading their teams to great success! I would like to thank all my team members for all that they do. I am so blessed to have you all in my life. We will all live amazing lives together! “Kung sama sama, kayang kaya!” (If we are together, we can do it!)

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