Percibal & Venus Lazo

Percibal & Venus Lazo

"We choose to have a LIFE, that’s why we are always persistent to improve everyday.”

Venus and Percy Lazo initially wanted to have an additional source of income for their family because they already had other dreams to pursue. Venus planned to be her father’s successor as Mayor in Quezon Province and Percy wanted to put up a micro-lending company. Until they found the perfect business opportunity in Nu Skin.

Venus had recently given birth then when she volunteered to attend the business opportunity meeting with a friend. Learning the potential of the business, they loaned some money to buy the initial pack. Venus says, “We are not even sure if the company is real or not. We just took a chance because we will never know if we will not try. We immediately attended trainings and filed a Letter Of Intent even without a single downline.”

After just two weeks, Percy filed his resignation from his job in Quezon and concentrated on the business. He knew no one in Manila and did not have a telephone at home to use, so Percy started making business calls at the payphone in the neighborhood mini store. He recalls, “Our first few guests were security guards! After a few months, we developed a group from the staff of one gasoline station, including the chief mechanic, gas pump attendant, and store attendant at the convenience store.”

The couple became persistent in doing the business. “We made a choice to Be, Do, and Have something different.” Percy, who came from a family of farmers, was determined not to follow the same path. It was clear that he wanted a different life. He followed what Abraham Lincoln said – “I will study and prepare myself everyday and someday my chance will come”.

But like most distributors, the couple also needed to overcome many obstacles. “We’ve faced a lot of challenges, but we always thought that the ‘No’ will take us closer to a “Yes’. We tried and did our best to produce results to show people that this business is possible as long as we are committed to do whatever it takes.”

With hard work and determination, Venus and Percy are enjoying the fruits of their success. Aside from helping send their siblings to school, they were able to invest in a house in a high-end subdivision, purchase cars, travel abroad, and send their kids to the best schools. Percy says, “True, the amount of money we are making now is more than enough but we choose to have a LIFE, that’s why we are always determined to improve everyday.”

The couple now pays it forward by helping people discover the Nu Skin business. “We are happy to assist people in discovering their dreams and in making choices that can lead them to the life they desire,” Venus says. “We show people that they are in the number one industry, company, and team, with number one products. Nu Skin is their vehicle in achieving their dreams and that the world’s natural abundance will make it all possible. We often tell them that when people and purpose come together, there’s abundance.”






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