Fedora Ivy Sanijon

Fedora Ivy Sanijon

Nothing happens without a dream.


Ruby was already working for a few months in a BPO company when she stumbled upon Nu Skin through a referral of a college classmate. A fresh graduate from the University of the Philippines Tacloban College, Ruby had just relocated in Manila to find better job opportunities as she was a breadwinner already, supporting two siblings —one in high school and another in college. Her father died of a heart failure when she was still in high school, which left her with not much choice but to take on odd jobs such as babysitting, being a saleslady, and buying and selling any goods just to finish her studies.


When she saw a business presentation for Nu Skin, she was struck by the concept of money and time freedom because it was not a popular topic in the corporate world. The speaker in that meeting said that if you just work seriously part-time with their five-year work plan, then money would no longer be an issue in your life. She was strongly attracted to the idea. Because she grew up in a very humble background where money was always an issue, she wanted to become financially successful in the shortest possible time so she could focus now on the more important things in life.


Seeing the potential of what the business can give, she decided to go back to the province to establish the business there. She shared the vision to her best friend, Fedora. That time, Fedora was working as a host for a local travel show in Leyte. They were best of friends in college and both were very actively involved in school organizations and other community events.


They started the business part-time and though they both had no background in this kind of industry, no big network, no experience, no anything, they just held on to the dream that someday money will no longer be an issue for their families. Nu Skin has been very supportive. Their business mentors taught them a lot about being the right person. Because of the training school, they grew a lot as leaders. From zero experience they now have hundreds of people subscribed to the products, and are helping more people become financially successful as well.


When Haiyan, the strongest typhoon recorded in history, devastated the whole Tacloban City, they were jolted awake as if from a dream. They saw how people suffered because they were not financially prepared. Everything around them was destroyed and that time there was no way they could make anything happen in Tacloban: no food, no homes, lost lives. Within 24 hours, people resorted to looting, robbery, and other crimes just to survive.


While most people just cried out of hopelessness from the death and devastation they saw around them, Ruby and Fedora realized that they still had a choice. They were faced with two choices: either they stay and be part of those who waited for relief help or DO something to help their families. They decided that they cannot stay slow and uncertain. They had to act quickly or else their families would waste away in hunger and hopelessness.


They were part of the first ones to seek any means to fly to Manila, thinking that at least in Manila, things were normal and there was something they could do there. They were among the first Taclobanons to take the C130 of the Philippine Army the day after the typhoon, because they knew that life would never be the same again. Failure was not an option as they had to find a way to get their families back on their feet. Luckily, they had Nu Skin and there are no geographical limitations to doing this business. They decided to make it happen in Manila for they cannot fail their families back home. For as long as there are people to talk to who are alive and well, they knew they stood a chance.

Choosing to focus and to realign with the company’s strategies, slowly things took shape. With the help of their direct mentors, Marlon and Pen Ilagan, they developed the confidence that it is possible to be a Blue Diamond in just a year after Haiyan. Marlon and Pen encouraged them to see the bigger picture and that this challenge will turn out to be a victory not just for them but for the people of Eastern Visayas, thus they accepted the challenge. They also took advantage of the company’s BDM strategy and the LTO last July 2014 to further hasten the process.


In the past six months leading to Blue Diamond, they were building the business in two markets: Manila and Tacloban. But 80 percent of

the Blue Diamond work, they finished in Tacloban. They admit that it was not by their own human abilities that did it but it is due to their unshakeable belief in the supernatural—their unwavering faith in God—and—from their uplines’ and team’s belief in them that really did it. Many of those months they felt that they could no longer run the race, exhausted and in pain physically and emotionally already, with

thoughts questioning why they should continue and if it was really worth it, but then whenever they looked back to their BIG “WHY”, they

realized that this was not about them anymore. This is for their business partners. This is for the Taclobanons who have either lost hope or who are barely hanging by the thread of their hopes and dreams for a better life. This is for the people who are feeling hopeless and are thinking they have no other option. That if one has faith and is committed to back his/her plans with massive action, no matter how bad it is or how bad it gets, they are going to make it. It is not what happens to you, but how you respond to what happens to you that counts. Ruby and Fedora believe that their story and their success is their worship to GOD.


For these two ladies, success is a mind game thing. If you are able to overcome your own self and have mastery over yourself, then you will win. And spirituality plays a large role in their success. All those months of prayers, meditation, and declaration based on God’s Word, breathed life into them day in and day out and it really strengthened their core, their inner being.


They realized that everyone could become a Blue Diamond. If they succeeded despite Haiyan, everyone has a choice too to change their lives for the better. Why wait for a catastrophic event like Haiyan to happen in your life? As long as one is a coachable student with the process, and learns to seize the day, then he/she can become successful. Just make it simple. Treat it like a really serious big business. Measure it by the numbers. Do not play dramas. Just do it.




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