Victor & Melissa Tongol

Victor & Melissa Tongol

“Nu Skin Enterprises gave us new beginnings and new hopes for the future of our children and the generations to come."


At the time when Victor and Melissa Tongol were at the crossroads of their careers, they came across something they did not expect. The couple used to have lucrative careers working for an international cruise ship by handling events and activities for passengers. However, they began to have the dilemma of whether to continue their current jobs or look for other employment. The Nu Skin business opportunity became the answer they had been waiting for.

Back then, Melissa had just given birth to their second child when she received a telegram from her friend and college classmate Ema. The telegram served as an invitation to the business opportunity that would later change the lives of Victor and Melissa.

"We started as part-time distributors because I just gave birth to our second child," Melissa recalls. It was after attending all the Saturday trainings and business opportunities meetings that they understood the power of leverage and were encouraged to become full time distributors.

As full time distributors, Victor and Melissa learned that they need to work hard to achieve their goals. "This business it is not a get-rich-quick scheme" Melissa says. "You need to learn the skills in dealing with people to build a strong business relationship and encourage them to tap giant within them.” True enough, through Victor and Melissa’s hard work they began to reap its fruits.


"Nu Skin has given us the financial freedom for us to build our house, buy a new car, have a memorable church wedding, and importantly, have income generating assets. Nu Skin gave us new beginnings and new hopes for the future of our children and the generations to come", Melissa says. Aside from the blessings they now have, the couple was able to understand who they really are and began to appreciate the value of team work. "We never thought we can do it but we were able to do it," Victor says.

In all their accomplishments, their children have always been their inspiration. The couple also continues to believe in the bigger plans God has in store for them. The Tongols say, "Our goal is to help our main partners and executives realize their dreams and make a difference in the country by creating a residual income that will allow our people to reach their leverage income.”

Victor adds, “While this business promises time and financial freedom, we should never fail to acknowledge that happiness and wealth that only comes from God. Matthew 6:1, our life's guiding principle, says "Do not store up treasures on earth...where your treasure is there will your heart be...."




*To qualify for any pin level you must meet all requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan, including retail sales. For a complete summary of the Sales Compensation Plan, please contact the company at 8-NUSKIN (868-7546) or email us at