Ojay & Yang Reantaso

Ojay & Yang Reantaso

“There is a lot of room for success in this business.”

When Ojay and Yang Reantaso joined Nu Skin in 1999, they had the wait and see attitude. They did not want to dive in too quickly since, at first, they did not really understand what they were doing. Luckily, the couple decided to pursue the business and they found it to be rewarding.

Ojay says, “We had no idea that THAT NIGHT, Feb 2, 1999 would actually change everything—the way we talk, the way we look, and most of all, the way we feel about love and life.”

Just like those who were starting the business, the couple also encountered ups and downs. But their perseverance remained through it all and this led them to the momentum they needed in their business.

“During our first year, we already experienced hundreds of rejections and a lot of deceptions. There were dream stealers left and right, most of them are even close to us. There are times that we became our own dream stealers,” Ojay recalls. “On our 2nd year we encountered more rejections, deceptions, attritions, and dream stealers. I started to doubt if this could really get to what we want. Despite of all that, we continued to confide and trust each other, and never lost sight of our goal.”

Being in Nu Skin became a life-changing experience for the couple. OJ relates, “We have learned so many lessons. Patience, perseverance, thoughtfulness, understanding, acceptance, appreciation and encouragement are just some of the many intangible things we learned in this business. We understand that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a long-term investment in terms of time and emotions.”

Apart from what they have already learned from the doing the business, the couple also realized that they have to dream big. “If you want to be an ordinary person, do what an ordinary person does. However, if you want to be extra-ordinary, do something extraordinary, like this business, so you can get extraordinary results. This business would definitely not only teach you how to make money and be leveraged. It will also teach you how to make a difference in someone else's life and be remembered.”

The couple continues to dream big and diligently work for it. “There are still a lot of challenges and sacrifices that we have to face. We know that these will help us become better and stronger individuals both in our business and in all the different aspects of our lives.

Now enjoying their success, Ojay and Yang wishes to further inspire those who want to follow the path they took. “There is a lot of room for success in this business. All of us can become blue diamonds. There will be some people who will get there first and some will follow. But that's not what's important. What's important is that we will all get there. It's just a matter of time.”

OJ & Yang




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