Sandy Martinez

Sandy Martinez



"If I have to live my life all over again, I would pray
that I will still find this business."

1. What was your profession before Nu Skin?

I was the Head of Merchandising for a department store that the family owned. I was in charge of buying and importing from different countries. Being a skeptic, I used to be the Devil’s advocate to network marketing. But while I was studying in Canada, a friend shared with me intelligently about the multi-level marketing industry. And after a lot of research on different companies, I was convinced that network marketing is a legitimate business and will be the wave of the future. I found that Nu Skin was the better choice among legitimate companies, long term.


2. What is your WHY? 

First, I was motivated to be a self-made millionaire since my dad and my granddad were both self-made. The Nu Skin business was a good challenge as it required more talent than capital. Second, I lost my dad to cancer when he was only 47 and I was 2 years old. Sadly, he never got to enjoy the fruits of his labor. I saw how hard he and my mom worked all his life to give a good life to 6 children, and though they were successful, business seemed like never ending work and just a higher paying job with higher levels of stress. I was looking for freedom!


3. How has your life transformed at Nu Skin?

I’m grateful that I am able to design my own life, live it in my own terms. I am passionate about traveling and this business allows me the time and finances to do as much traveling as I want, in style. I am most grateful though, for playing a small part in changing the lives of others. There is no greater joy than seeing your friends and partners find their dreams. But the journey to success is not easy, many people think it’s a matter of finding people and throwing them against a wall to see if they stick. This is something I disagree with, and it makes me sad to see others lose their dreams because they did not receive quality support. It was never my motivation to be the best or the first. My greatest joy is when I see my downlines and partners succeed and become better than me.


4. You were initially against Direct Selling, what convinced you to join Nu Skin?

At first, I thought multi-level marketing was about cheating people, recruiting people and making money from them. When I understood the compensation plan of Nu Skin thoroughly, I saw that this was a fair and a more honest way to do business than most traditional businesses. It was also more equitable because it allowed small people to have the same chances of success.

The Nu Skin compensation plan is a real business plan that made sense, it was not just hype. It is the highest paying plan which paid people who deserved it. Because I lost my dad and brother to cancer, I’m conscious about health. And while most MLM health companies relied on hype and selling snake oils, Pharmanex was the only company which had clinical validation for its products. I can be confident in recommending it to loved ones and friends.


5. Can you share a turning point in your business?

At first, Nu Skin was just a fun side gig for me, and I was happy to earn income on the side. But when the economy took a wrong turn and inflation doubled, our main businesses were badly affected, and we were at risk of losing almost everything! Only then did I realize that this business was God-sent. It was the best plan B. I realized that if I can make good money part-time, I could make it big if I gave it as much attention and focus. It truly pays to have a parachute before you need it.


6. What advice would you give to those who aspire to be successful?

If you would work hard to graduate university, work harder to graduate in Nu Skin. A bachelor’s degree will not guarantee a good life but being a Presidential Director/Team Elite in Nu Skin can give you the life of your dreams. Have patience, Rome was not built in a month. Always be grateful for everything that comes as a learning experience towards your success and make success your only option.




Million Dollar Circle is now Circle of Excellence. Globally, less than 0.01% of Brand Affiliates have become Circle of Excellence members. A complete summary of average Southeast Asia Bonuses paid at each level under the Velocity by Nu Skin® Sales Performance Plan and more information regarding Circle of Excellence are available at www.nuskin.comFor more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of Nu Skin, please contact 8NUSKIN (868.7546).