Robert Velhagen

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Robert Velhagen

"Move up in the compensation plan by bettering yourself"


Robert Velhagen joined Nu Skin with one goal in mind - to provide well for his family. 


Robert has always wanted to give his family the best things that life has to offer. Although very happy with all he has achieved so far, he is still looking forward to achieving his next goals, which is to help others succeed. 


Robert’s advocacy in Nu Skin is to help people be good parents. He wants to empower individuals to have the capacity to provide well for their family and be home for their children. Robert wants parents to never miss anything in their children’s lives, and he wants children to have the gift of having both happy parents at home.


At the time he joined Nu Skin, Robert was new to the direct-selling industry. He was unaware of the other direct-selling companies and did not really compare them with one another. What convinced him to join was the fact that he trusted the man who invited him.


Once Robert got in, that was when he started looking around at the other companies, wanting to make sure he was with the right one. So, Robert started to compare compensation plans, products, and management. Robert found that most companies out there were illegal pyramid schemes. The rest that were legal, he found that he did not like the products nor the management team. The longer Robert compared, the more he knew he made the right decision. The clincher was when he went to Nu Skin’s Global Convention in Provo, Utah. Getting to meet the management and other leaders, and touring the offices, Robert knew he was with the right company.


Every day, Robert is in awe of what his team is doing. He could never have imagined what they would create with the tools that were given to them. 


Now having achieved Team Elite Status, Robert came to understand that all that was needed was to break down barriers and hand leaders the tools to build with – and they would take it from there. For the ones that have a strong desire for a better life, all that was needed was an opportunity.


Robert’s advice to those who have just begun the business is to treat this as a career as well as a legacy.


Know that as a career, things are not instant. You will have to grow in the business. Constantly learn new skills and upgrade your capabilities. Move up in the compensation plan by bettering yourself and by bettering others. And know that what you are building is a legacy that will benefit generations to come.




Million Dollar Circle is now Circle of Excellence. Globally, less than 0.01% of Brand Affiliates have become Circle of Excellence members. A complete summary of average Southeast Asia Bonuses paid at each level under the Velocity by Nu Skin® Sales Performance Plan and more information regarding Circle of Excellence are available at www.nuskin.comFor more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of Nu Skin, please contact 8NUSKIN (868.7546).