JP & Cielo Villegas

JP & Cielo Villegas


"Watch your decisions because decision
by decision you are creating the story of your life."


Right after finishing a bachelor's degree in Occupational Therapy, JP was prompted by his family to move to the USA and pursue his OT Career. However, the lifestyle of an employee did not appeal to him. He knew that most people who lived a privileged lifestyle are entrepreneurs.  It was then that his friend Gen, and his mentor Sandy Martinez introduced the Nu Skin opportunity to him.


However, he struggled with a crossroad in his life - “Either I work as an OT in the States with a starting paycheck of P350,000 per month, or stay in the Philippines and make about P25,000 per month doing face lifts.  It was a tough decision, but my mentors assured me that if I stick it out in the business, I could have both the TIME and FINANCIAL flexibility that I’ve always wanted. It was just going to be a matter of time.” 


As JP was growing up, he was linguistically challenged. In grade school, he was the main attraction of teasing and embarrassment among his classmates and teachers. It was a very painful time for him because he literally couldn’t express himself. It was just like "trying to make the lame walk". It was that difficult.  His prayer everyday was that he would not be humiliated on that particular day.  This period in his life eventually became a major reason for him to doubt himself, his family, his future and even God.


However, his parents assured him that God had a purpose behind everything, and that the Lord had bigger plans for his life. Because of this hope, he would pray each day that he would be able to speak normally. Then one day, God answered his prayer through the Nu Skin opportunity.  


It was through the Nu Skin business that he built confidence in himself and developed the ability to communicate effectively. Who would have ever thought that his disability would turn out to be his greatest asset? Nu Skin has expanded his personal growth so much to the point that he now leads one of the largest growing organizations in the country and has expanded his business to over 26 countries. 


After a few years of building his business, he eventually met his beautiful wife, Cielo, an accomplished events planner who happened to be a distributor in his organization. She has become his #1 supporter and cheerleader - the best gift JP could ever ask for. 


She believes that the Nu Skin business has allowed them to do what they are purposed to do. “Nu Skin is a wonderful blessing to our family. It’s through this business that we can achieve not only the tangible things but most importantly, the intangible things in life. For JP and me, the priority is building wonderful memories with our two amazing children while living a purposeful life by being very much involved in ministry. That for us, is the most precious thing in life.”


Through this business, they get to do what they love the most - traveling the world, exploring new places, experiencing different cultures and enjoying all the cuisine from these countries. But more than that, what truly moves them is the fact that they can do something that goes beyond them by being involved in God’s work. From the very start of their marriage, they have always wanted to inspire young couples and professionals to live purposeful lives.


When asked about what vital ingredients are needed for success, JP says,

“Firstly, CHARACTER.  Don’t just master Nu Skin, MASTER YOURSELF. Most of us focus on the planting and harvesting part of the business but fail to focus on the plowing phase of the business — where you are stretched, hurt, and challenged. Most of us avoid the plowing phase, not understanding that plowing is what builds our character and prepares us for bigger harvests. We need to view every challenge as a character-building opportunity.” 


“Secondly, DISCIPLINE. Nu Skin will be the toughest yet most rewarding opportunity you’ll ever have. The most challenging roads bring the best returns. You will be challenged. It will hurt but PLAY IN THE PAIN. In fact, don’t just go through the pain, GROW THROUGH THE PAIN. It will take time. Just be patient. You can’t microwave leadership.” 


“Thirdly, LEADERSHIP. This business is really about leadership - leading others by leading yourself. It's all about making better and wiser decisions, understanding that everything we do becomes generational. It will have a positive or negative effect on your existing leaders, your unborn leaders, and the families that are dependent on them.” 


“Fourthly, FAITH.  Nu Skin is a God-given business.  Most of us ask God to bless our business when we should be asking ourselves how we can bless God with our business.  God sees our hearts. He sees our intentions. Many grow old, but only a few mature. God is looking for maturity. When going through hardships, remember God is more concerned in the change in you than just changing your circumstances. True success happens when you honor God with your business.” 


JP and Cielo were living comfortably already as Blue Diamonds and one of Forbes Asia’s listed Million Dollar Circle Members. But they knew the journey was far from done yet. Both agreed, prayed and looked for a compelling reason for them to take their business to another level. They knew they had to look beyond themselves for them to be driven enough to fight for Team Elite. 


“So lastly, GRIT. Freedom isn’t free but it’s very much worth the fight. If you don’t like your results now, you didn’t fight hard enough. Fight for your dreams, fight for your family, fight for your unborn leaders. Fight for Team Eliteship. People who want success bad enough will possess the desire, the drive, and the GRIT to achieve it.  Always remember, YOU WILL ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU FIGHT FOR.”


So be intentional about your growth in Character, Discipline, Leadership, Faith and Grit because everything you do is GENERATIONAL. 

Watch your decisions because decision by decision you are creating the story of your life. 


Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Nu Skin!  




Million Dollar Circle is now Circle of Excellence. Globally, less than 0.01% of Brand Affiliates have become Circle of Excellence members. A complete summary of average Southeast Asia Bonuses paid at each level under the Velocity by Nu Skin® Sales Performance Plan and more information regarding Circle of Excellence are available at www.nuskin.comFor more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of Nu Skin, please contact 8NUSKIN (868.7546).