Howard and Annie Lim

Howard & Annie Lim


“We’re very blessed that we’re able to achieve what we always wanted in life, but the most fulfilling part of the business is that as we work on towards our success, we also directly and indirectly make a positive difference to thousands of people’s lives."


Howard graduated Cum Laude in BS Civil Engineering from the University of San Carlos in Cebu. He worked in a construction company for 8 months then started a software development business together with his brothers and his uncle. With the leadership of his uncle, they diversified to construction and real estate development business.


Annie graduated BS Chemical Engineering from the University of San Carlos in Cebu. She helped out in their construction supply and dried mangoes export businesses.


Because of their background, their impression on network marketing was a low class business, and was only suitable for people who don't have jobs. They were introduced to Nu Skin twice and on both times rejected it as Howard was especially negative to network marketing and worse of all it was a skin care business thinking it was for women only.

Though their businesses were doing well, they felt something was still missing. They’ve noticed that most business people work forever and can’t even travel for holidays without worrying how the business would perform without them. For Howard and Annie, life is more than just working. Life is about doing the things that they love, like traveling to different places, enjoying your hobby, spending more time with family while adding value to other people’s lives. And work, profession or businesses are just tools for people to achieve what they want in life. For this reason, they started to look for other options.

Then one day Howard received a call from Ms Amor Miscala (Ruby Executive) inviting him to meet up with a businessman from Manila. Knowing that Ms Amor is doing Nu Skin he already had an idea that it would be about Nu Skin, so he made all possible excuses not to meet with them. But because of Ms Amor’s persistence and to stop her from pestering him again, he finally agreed to meet them thinking that he can just simply say ‘No’ to the opportunity. He finally met with Mr Sandy Martinez (Blue Diamond Executive & 1 Million Dollar Circle Member), who was able to show the track record of Nu Skin and the big picture of the business. Howard realized that it’s possible to do business without huge capital investment, high risks, employees, inventory, paper work and overhead. Nu Skin was the business that can help them achieve “Freedom” which they have always wanted.

From that time on they developed the business seriously under the mentorship and leadership of Mr Sandy Martinez and with the consistent support from Ms Amor Miscala. Some friends made fun of them for their decision. They didn’t mind being laughed at, knowing that they will be the one responsible for the direction and the future of their family. They complimented each other perfectly, Howard focused on business development while Annie on the products and retailing side of the business. Both of them had to break through a lot of comfort zones as they’ve never been into sales and marketing before. Especially with Howard, he was a silent type of person who’s interpersonal and communication skills were his least developed and always got zeroes in all his oral exams in school. But he was able to learn a very important trait from his father, ‘persistency’. Because of this, they persisted and broke through the different challenges they met. They went full-time with Nu Skin after 9 months which was the same month they got married. This time, their income from Nu Skin was still very unstable. This caused a lot of uneasiness among their family and relatives because they were starting a family. This made them stronger and intensely focused to achieve their goals as they felt they had no other choice but to succeed. They were recognized as Emerald Executives just after 1 year and 8 months. Because one of the unique advantage of the business is having ‘leverage’, they were able to have the much needed flexibility (which conventional business won’t be able to provide) to start working out for Annie’s pregnancy. They made a lot of visits to different doctors which requires lots of time, financially consuming with the numerous laboratory tests and Howard was able to accompany Annie in every step of the process. Annie underwent surgery and the business enabled Howard to provide the emotional support and physical presence during the duration of the hospitalization.

When Nu Skin announced their plan to open in Indonesia, Sandy suggested visiting Jakarta. Howard agreed, knowing this would force him out of his comfort zone and wanted to experience international expansion. He and Annie didn’t know anybody there; they did not even know where Indonesia was. They knew nothing about the language, traditions, etc. They just made friends with strangers and shared with them the products and business of Nu Skin. While in Indonesia, they were able to meet and learn from several International Team Elites and Blue Diamond Executives. They also developed quality friendship with a lot of Indonesian and at the same time mentoring them to become leaders. Best of all, while based in Jakarta, their income from the Philippines and other countries grew exponentially due to the quality of leaders in their organization, which again is almost impossible with conventional business.


Through Nu Skin, they got paid from 18 countries every month. Providing the freedom they have always wanted. They were able to travel to different countries several times a year for holidays without worrying about their schedules and budgets. Howard was able to fulfil one of his dreams, to have the money and time to enjoy his photography hobby. Some of his pictures were featured in local/international newspaper and magazines.

While developing the business in Indonesia, they continued with the program for Annie’s pregnancy. After countless visits to some doctors and several surgeries they finally decided for Annie to undergo In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) program with a famous doctor in Jakarta. The IVF program was performed twice. First try had failed but the 2nd one was successful, and finally after 12 years of marriage, Annie got pregnant with twins. For this reason, after several years in Indonesia, they decided to go back to Cebu where Annie gave birth to the twins and raised their family.

During the last few months of Annie’s pregnancy in Cebu and especially because the babies were born prematurely thus the babies had to stay in the hospital for three weeks, Howard was not able to work on the business for almost 8 months. And again their Nu Skin business allowed them to do that with their passive income frees them from any financial burdens and enables them to focus on what is important in their life during those times. And thanks again to the Nu Skin business, Annie was able be a full time mother and focused her full attention on the darlings of their life, their precious twins.

Being able to achieve their dreams, they also gave back to society. They focused their contributions to charities involving children. They make monthly donations to Nourish the Children initiative of Nu Skin and Southeast Asia Children Hearts Fund. They also do donations to orphanage and scholarship program for education.


“We’re very blessed that we’re able to achieve what we always wanted in life, but the most fulfilling part of the business is that as we work on towards our success, we also directly and indirectly made a positive difference to thousands of people’s lives. Nothing would ever happen if not for Nu Skin. We’re just ordinary people but in an extraordinary financial vehicle and environment. We have extraordinary uplines, downlines, sidelines and corporate management team which influence us to become extraordinary and achieve extraordinary lifestyle. Thus we strongly recommend to anybody (regardless of their background) who has dreams to use this business as their vehicle; Nu Skin doesn’t require investments, contacts, experience and initial knowledge about the products or the business. But it does require: a strong reason why you should be successful, willingness to learn new things; to become a better person and the courage to take action. Take this business seriously as dreams do come true with Nu Skin.”

They knew that they can’t achieve everything by themselves, they say, “We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to our parents for their sacrifices, love and providing us foundational mind set of an entrepreneur. Our siblings, for their love, understanding and support. Uncle Charlie, for his leadership and his outlook about life. Ms Amor Miscala, for forcing Howard to look into the business. Mr Sandy Martinez, for his mentorship and patience. All our downline leaders, sideline leaders from Cebu, Manila, Indonesia and other countries for your support and sharing your knowledge and friendship. Nu Skin Philippines Management and Staff, for their unending support and dedication to help make our dreams come true. Our Lord, for guidance, strength and for making everything possible”.




Million Dollar Circle is now Circle of Excellence. Globally, less than 0.01% of Brand Affiliates have become Circle of Excellence members. A complete summary of average Southeast Asia Bonuses paid at each level under the Velocity by Nu Skin® Sales Performance Plan and more information regarding Circle of Excellence are available at www.nuskin.comFor more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of Nu Skin, please contact 8NUSKIN (868.7546).