Daniel Laogan

Daniel Jr. and Ella Laogan

"Adversity is part of any business; I believe
it’s just the attitude of having a “bounce back” mindset."


Prior to joining Nu Skin, I was a junior college student from the Ateneo de Manila University, taking up Business Management. My family is of Chinese descent and engaged in real estate development and construction.


I am blessed to be part of Nu Skin since 2003. Upon graduation I decided to blaze the trail of entrepreneurship, and was confident to work with one of the industry leaders of network marketing.


My first “Why” in doing the business is to become financially independent from my parents.


My initial journey with Nu Skin has been marked by challenges, but as in all new ventures, once you persevere through the learning phase everything becomes easier.


When I saw the BOM and learned I just needed 4 people to become a Ruby executive, without a doubt I knew I could succeed. I became a Ruby Executive in a year and was able to make my first million. When I became a Blue Diamond, it was more like a sigh of relief, since it took a lot out of me emotionally and physically. I have never looked back ever since.


I think people around you in Nu Skin play an important role in inspiring you, and that is what my uplines did to me. At the same time, I also wanted to prove to them that I was legitimate, which is why I wanted to become successful as soon as possible. My downlines and sidelines on the other hand, made me want to

win—to show them it was possible. It felt more like me carving out their destiny, that success was possible.


In sponsoring people with similar values, I think the first step is attracting them and after that showing them the values we have as a company and as an organization.


Leadership is the ability to lead your people to do something they have never done or thought they could do, and lead them to be the best person they can be as they drive other people forward as well.


The most important thing is duplication, because if you have an efficient duplication model that showcases an efficient system, it’s easy for your downline organization to follow.


Being associated with Nu Skin has gained me financial rewards, and aside from that the prestige and credibility that follows with my position in the company.


Nu Skin has indeed changed my life. It has become my life--1/3 or more of my life has been spent here. I grew up in this business! I met my fiancé here. My livelihood is from Nu Skin and my friends are also in this business. Indeed, Nu Skin has blessed me financially and it has taken me all over the world: Singapore, China, Malaysia, Australia and the USA.

I am glad that all the hard work has paid off and I am happy to report that our organization has created 7 Blue Diamonds and have over 200 executive partners.


A Nu Skin distributor must have both the courage to try and the courage to fail. It goes hand in hand with success. If you cannot even muster enough courage to try and at the same time stomach failure, no opportunity, no matter how good it is, can change your life. Everything and anything is possible with courage.


I think the Nu Skin journey does not stop, as the challenge to empower and help more people is a calling we must heed in business, and rest assured we shall continue to push the envelope of success to greater heights.


I would like to thank my organization and sponsors, Nu Skin, and of course the Lord—who deserves all the credit and who has blessed me to bless others.


“There is no secret to success; all secrets are meant to be discovered with a very powerful “Why”.”




Million Dollar Circle is now Circle of Excellence. Globally, less than 0.01% of Brand Affiliates have become Circle of Excellence members. A complete summary of average Southeast Asia Bonuses paid at each level under the Velocity by Nu Skin® Sales Performance Plan and more information regarding Circle of Excellence are available at www.nuskin.comFor more information about the Sales Compensation Plan of Nu Skin, please contact 8NUSKIN (868.7546).