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Day dreaming was the favourite past-time ofMay Rose as she grew up, and now she is living her own fairy tale.


Life had been hard for the mother of one. On top of her day job as a project secretary, she also doubled as supermarket promoter, reflexologist and even a kiddie mascot. “I was willing to burn the candle at both ends just to put food on the table,” she shares. “But then I realised that after three years of hard work andlittle sleep, our bank account was still zero.”


When May Rose’s father died following years of financially-draining dialysis, her mother left home to be a domestic helper in Hong Kong. It would be 12 years before she returned. May Rose herself worked overseas to improve their lot in life. “Nothing is more difficult than to leave your family behind to work abroad,” she sighs. 


Joining Nu Skin as a “mom-preneur”, though, May Rose discovered both time and financial freedom. “I grew up without my mom, and I didn’t want my son to experience the same thing. With Nu Skin I’ve never had to compromise.”

" I've become a better person - a better mom, a better wife and a better friend and mentor."


Not least, the daughter found her most compelling reason to succeed: “It became my number one goal to bring my mother home permanently to the Philippines to live a better life.” It took less than two years for May Rose to achieve this dream. “I have never seen her so happy,” May Rose says delightedly. “I honoured her at one of our big events, where I introduced her to hundreds of people.”


Today, her business has expanded in six countries. Her hard work has also qualified her for incentive trips that have fulfilled another dream, of travelling around the world at leisure. “I’ve become a better person - a better mom, better wife, better friend and mentor. My life is purposeful and meaningful.” No longer preoccupied with work, May Rose counts it a blessing to be able to take care of her family 24/7 working with Nu Skin.


She says, “I want to inspire all Filipinos around the world, especially mommies like me.”