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The image of her son crying and reaching out to her as she left for work each day, troubled Jacqueline, causing her to rethink her priorities and purpose in life.


With more than 15 years of experience in the education, research and youth sector, Jacqueline has an impressive track record with her career. However she struggled with health and self-esteem issues. Having been on the heavy side since 9 years old, Jacqueline tipped the scales at 100kg and was on medication for high blood pressure for 7 years. She later discovered that she had high cholesterol, and borderline diabetes.


“My weight was an embarrassment. It affected my self-esteem such that I didn’t dare to buy clothes in shopping mall boutiques. It didn’t help that I would be offered seats on the train because people would think I am pregnant,” shared Jacqueline.


The turning point was when she started on ageLOC TR90 last year. Jacqueline lost a lot of weight, body fat and gradually her health condition also improved. With a healthy body, her confidence and self-esteem soared. She also understood how fulfilling it would be to help others experience the same transformation in their personal lives.

" With NU SKIN, we are re-discovering each other and chaisng for 
our dreams together"


To her surprise, doing the Nu Skin business has also helped to bring her closer to Desmond, her husband of 13 years, and their two sons. Moreover, Nu Skin has helped her realise her “why” in life, which is to be there for her family and children.


“Being in the Nu Skin business together with Desmond has brought us closer. Previously we were so busy chasing our corporate dreams, we hardly had time for each other. Now with Nu Skin, we are re-discovering each other and chasing for our dreams - together,” said Jacqueline.


“My job back then required me to work long hours. In a year I had to manage some 25 events. It was really back-to-back event management then. Today, in this business, we don’t need to answer to any bosses and are in control of our own lives,” shared Desmond.


Today, managing the Nu Skin business together has its stresses, but the couple find themselves spending more meaningful time together as a family. This is a vision that empowers Jacqueline and Desmond. They know that ultimately they are not slogging for a boss or company but for themselves, their family and for their future.