Blue Diamond Executives



Like many mothers who have full-time jobs, Chan Bao Yan lived a harried life. She seemed to be rushing the whole day – whether to drop off or pick up the children at childcare, rush to the office, or hurry to prepare dinner and clean up at night.


“It was draining – all I wanted was to gain control of my time and earn an income. We could survive on a single income, but I wanted financial independence and still have time with the kids.”


“Then, we didn’t attend any of the kids’ school activities. Annual leave was precious and we wanted to keep it for family holidays or when we needed to stay home when the kids were sick.”


Bao Yan started her career as an engineer and switched to the private banking industry as a Wealth Planning Specialist with UBS. There she met her current Nu Skin sponsor, and realised that Nu Skin was the platform for her to realise her dreams of financial and time freedom.

" We are now more positive, more grateful,

and have learned to see the good in others."


Her husband Alan, a top banking professional, was initially skeptical and against Bao Yan joining Nu Skin. But he soon saw the business opportunity in Nu Skin and joined her full-time when he saw the professionalism of the Nu Skin business. He was fully convinced after they visited the Global Convention and learned how stable the company was.


“I was surprised that a quiet introvert like Bao Yan can be successful in this business, even though she is not a salesperson. Nu Skin has transformed her to be more open. She has become quite an effective leader,” said Alan.


Life is no longer one mad rush for Bao Yan. She now spends more quality time with her 5 and 6 year old boys, and will sometimes bring them swimming as a weekday afternoon treat.


Both husband and wife have noticed other favourable changes.


“We are now more positive, more grateful, and have learned to see the good in others. I used to be very quick tempered, results-oriented and get frustrated when others don’t keep up with me. Now I realise that everyone has their own strengths and are different,” said Alan.