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Being the fifth child in a family of 10 children, young Angela often felt neglected and over-shadowed by her other siblings. However this petite child overcame the odds to become a successful entrepreneur with a determined and passionate spirit.
Angela’s resolve to have all the good things in life was inculcated into her by her father. “He told me if you want to get a watch, make sure it is a Rolex. If you want to buy a house, make sure it is a villa on landed property. He gave me the impression that to be successful meant being and getting the best in life. That’s perhaps my aspiration for success - to be the best in everything.”

With this ingrained in her, the introverted Angela worked as a salesperson in a clothing store after graduation. Knowing that her quiet personality conflicted with the nature of the job, Angela forced herself to change in order to be successful.

Angela was determined to persevere. She took on four different job responsibilities with no pay increment and was rewarded for her hardworking attitude a year later. She owned her first business at age 20. 

" Nu Skin’s Force for Good philosophy reminds me to help others and that true

success is measured by how many people you’ve helped."


Angela expanded her business and was soon the proprietor of three garment factories. She was constantly looking to diversify her business and after careful evaluation she joined Nu Skin with her business partner, Rayne Ho.

The Nu Skin business turned out to be Angela’s saving grace. She recalls being very short-tempered and stressed out during her years as a traditional business owner. “I often feel that if I’m not in Nu Skin, I will probably be a shrew now because I was brought up in the shadow of my father’s ill temper. He angered easily and that led him to suffer from high blood pressure and eventually he succumbed to a heart attack. I live with the impression that I’d end up like him.”

By learning to focus on other people allowed Angela to calm herself. “Nu Skin’s Force for Good philosophy reminds me to help others and that true success is measured by how many people you’ve helped. With Nu Skin I am able to experience the intrinsic happiness that comes from making a difference in people’s lives. It’s a truly amazing feeling,” said Angela.

Angela continues to dream big and hopes to touch more lives by sharing the Nu Skin transformation!