Stella Thio

Stella Thio

Team Elite 2 Years

Credibility, sincerity and professionalism gives you a strong competitive advantage in building any solid long term business" - S K Seow

"To be really outstanding, one has to continually strive for excellence." - Stella Thio

Stella Thio

Stella and S K Seow are an enterprising couple. Besides having successful careers and a beautiful family of three children, they have managed to reach the pinnacle of the Nu Skin business within the last 10 months. They attribute their success mainly to their credibility and sincerity in reaching out to people who are looking for an opportunity to set up a business or simply to achieve self-esteem and self-actualization. From school to their working life, they have made many friends and business associates. Their philosophy in life has been to seek win-win situations both in personal friendships and in doing business. When the Nu Skin opportunity came about in Dec 2000, it was an absolute test of how far the trust and confidence they have developed over the years would bring them. And to date, the results and accomplishments have been astounding.


Today, they have successfully build a solid base of business-builders and distributors consisting of business-owners, professionals and simply people who trust their sincerity, global vision and business acumen.


The duo explains that achieving the Hawaiian Blue Diamond title is only part of a long term journey of building a solid long term business. One has to continue to create both width and depth to develop a solid foundation of not just business-builders but also a very large group of loyal product users on a global basis. Another challenge is to develop their successful executives to achieve their fullest potential and hopefully Blue Diamond status. Only when a large number of these executives migrate from their current part-time status to do the Nu Skin business full-time would they consider the business to be truly successful. Along the way, they hope to make a difference to the lives of their downlines and their respective families.


Stella and S K are indeed perfect partners in marriage and in business. Through the synergy of their characters and personalities and the many years of experience in their corporate lives, they are able to leverage on each other's strengths. Stella, is the main driver of the business and provides strong leadership, close guidance, training and follow-up with the downlines. She is instrumental in solving the day- to- day problems of distributors and downlines and is credited with mapping out the path to Blue Diamond for all aspiring executives. S K has known multi-level marketing since 1995 due to his extensive travels in the Asian region. He adds a macro dimension to the business and provides contacts in the region for the business. Most of all, he adds credibility to the Nu Skin business especially for many male spouses who may otherwise have doubts about the viability and nature of the direct marketing business model which is new to the Singapore business environment.


For the events of September 11 2001, the couple would like to express their most sincere sympathies to all who have been affected in one way or another. They believe that the tragedy will unfortunately bring about with it increased unemployment and hardship to many people around the world in the coming months. S K elaborates by saying that this is the opportune time to speak to people about the Nu Skin opportunity because jobs that used to be secure are no longer certain and people have therefore to seek new channels and avenues to bring in cash-flow and income to their families. Hence the Nu Skin business opportunity may be presented as a means and channel to provide assistance for people who have been retrenched or laid-off. However, given the uncertainties of the current world situation, they have urged their downlines to exhibit tact and be sensitive to their prospects and downlines as people adjust to the fast-changing business environment.


Stella is thankful to the Nu Skin business. Timing was so right for her and with the current world economic slowdown, she is even more convinced of Nu Skin as the right business for her. Not only is the income fairly predictable, unlike many other traditional businesses, there is no risk in doing the Nu Skin business.


The couple believe in living life the altruistic way. They hope that one day they would be in a position where they would be able to help those worse off then themselves. Their dream in life is to be financially free and independent so that they can spend more time to bring up their children, for leisure and travel and to help the community and the needy. In the not so distant future, they hope to be able to set aside some savings and investments for their retirement, their children and for charitable purposes.


Going forward, they are looking forward to developing new markets as Nu Skin expands into other countries in the region.