Ong Gee & Jenny Ding

Ong Gee & Jenny Yip

1 Million Dollar Circle Member &                    Team Elite 1 year

"Do the things others dare not do and are not willing to do, and you will acquire the lifestyle that others are not able to have!"

Ong Gee & Jenny Ding

Becoming a millionaire is not a far-fetched dream, as this former Certified Financial Adviser with three professional qualifications (CFP, ChFC and CLU) will tell you.


Ong Gee, one of Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore's eminent leaders and newest Million Dollar Circle Member said, "So often the simplest insights are the most profound. Success and failure is a matter of the choices we make. First, decide that you want to become a millionaire! Many want to become a millionaire but fail to decide to become one. Decision means 100% effort and no compromise. Second, think and act like a millionaire. ALWAYS adopt a MILLIONAIRE MINDSET. Every thought we think, and every feeling we feel has impact, and is projected into the future. Sadly, many people I know simply write themselves off as potential millionaires, and sabotage their financial future by talking and thinking about matters that do more damage than good.”


Success can be a lonely path but in Nu Skin Enterprises, it is never walked alone. Ong Gee knows this best. “I'm forever grateful for the support of my family, downlines and sidelines, and especially my uplines, 5 Million Dollar Circle Member and Team Elite 7 Years, Angela and Rayne for their support that has seen me through the most difficult times. Their commitment seems uncommon in today's world, and I'm thankful that I have them in my life.”


“The biggest challenge was to hold on to the faith and belief that I could become a Million Dollar Circle Member,” said Ong Gee as he recounted the heartaches he encountered. “Many a times, the network I had painstakingly built would disappear, taking with it people who quit the business. That shook my confidence and belief and I felt lost for a while. Thankfully, Angela and Rayne consistently pushed me to 'Dream BIGGER Dreams' and that definitely made all current challenges look irrelevant.”


Becoming a millionaire is one of the biggest achievements of his life. Yet, the potential to earn millions is but a lesser reward to what more there is to gain. “Learning from leaders with experience has helped me become more mature and wise. By seeing things from other perspectives, I've also learned to understand and respond to the needs of others better.”


As he celebrates millionaire status, Ong Gee is particularly excited about the opportunity this presents to reach out to more people. “I now have an avenue to bring joy and happiness to families in need of food and opportunities for a better life. I feel especially excited every day that we at Nu Skin Enterprises are making the world a better place to live.” Putting words into action, the indomitable leader is currently in talks with several local charity homes in Singapore to provide Vitameal™ to feed the needy. Here's a leader who gives more than he takes, and this is indeed a spirit deserving of accolades!