Wang Wei Huang Jordan

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Wang Wei Huang Jordan

“Sincerity and perseverance are the keys to success in the Nu Skin business.”


Wang Wei Huang Jordan

Jordan is insane. Why would someone defer his direct honors in Engineering with the National University of Singapore for two years to take up the Nu Skin business full time? But there’s nothing rash or irresponsible in the decision of this Blue Diamond. At 23, Jordan had already achieved what conventional citizens would spend a lifetime working for.

Chirpy even after an exhausting training session he conducted late in the evening, Jordan emanated a welcoming sincerity unusual at his life stage. And being sincere while persevering in the business was just what he did. “Even for a young person like me who neither came from a wealthy family, had any financial reserves, nor owned an extensive network, I was still able to succeed in the business with the help of a group of supportive and caring business partners. A lot of young people do not dare to take the step, but my advice is that because we are young, we have a lot more time to work at it. With the right attitude, perseverance and a supportive team, even young people can succeed too. If they decide to take on the business, then press on, don’t give up!” said Jordan passionately.

However, Jordan recognized that had his family not trusted him to take charge of his future, he may not had the chance at sweet success. Operating a coffeeshop, his parents’ traditional mindset in wealth creation was what Jordan had to overcome. Thankfully, with the help of his upline Blue Diamond Executives, Dr Tan Kia King and Carine, his parents woke up to the opportunities.

“In this world, if you stick to what is comfortable and resist change, you will soon find yourself obsolete. Even for a traditional business person like me, the Nu Skin business proved to be a fantastic opportunity!” said Siew Ting. Jordan and Siew Ting would also like to thank, Blue Diamond Executives, Adeline Ng & Joe Ong; Team Elite Members, Jonathan Chong and Evelyn Lai; and 1 Million Dollar Circle Members & Team Elite, SG Lim and Jasmine, Huang Yi P’ing and Ch’iu Chien Ch’ang for their ever present Love, Guidance and Support.

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