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“You have to go to the bottom to really come up on top. Act and persevere!”

Systemagix Pte Ltd

Ever heard the sound of a blossoming spring? Then listen to Joanna. At age 37, the “alto” voice of Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore’s newest Blue Diamond Executive carried a resonance that can coax the sun to rise at night. Her enthusiasm was contagious as it brimmed over when she described her successful journey with Nu Skin Enterprises.

“Becoming a Blue Diamond Executive is really just the beginning. I’m only starting to witness and experience the true power of this business. Had I not achieved a little success, I wouldn’t have believed what the company could do for me on so many levels. A lot of people say that success quotes are all theories, but I have walked the talk, inch by inch, and it’s all true!” gushed Joanna. She understood now that skepticism is often bred from an unwillingness to attempt the right thing in the first place. So when no action is taken despite a positive behavior, how could one not fail? Joanna learnt that the hard way. In the first year that she joined the business, she didn’t make any headway. Thankfully, she remained coachable “and after some deep self-evaluation, I managed to let go of my pride. I was my biggest enemy,” Joanna reflected.

Due to her privileged upbringing in Indonesia, Joanna was inculcated from young to take pride in her work and achievements by her parents, who are both lawyers. And Joanna achieved much success in her life with a double degree from a prestigious American university, and started her own advertising and design company years later. Those to her were her beacon of pride, which she found extremely hard to forgo; she treated the multi-level marketing opportunity as merely a sales job.

“It was painful. I knew that advertising and design is not a sunset industry, but it was not heading where I wanted, and I was not performing well with Nu Skin. I took a long hard look at myself, really went to the bottom, and found my hurdle. I have finally surfaced and see! It’s a journey we all have to make to accomplish something great, and I work relentlessly to help my business partners walk through their valleys before reaching the mountain top,” this insatiable leader confided.

“The more I work in this business, the more I like it, and the more I grow. But I wouldn’t have been able to surface from the bottom without the help and dedication of my uplines – Lilian Ong and Terence Sim, Ong Gee, Rayne Ho and Angela Liew – and the support from my numerous cherished business partners. I would also like to express special thanks and sincere gratitude to my wonderful parents and my family, and to Helena Lee (my best friend and business partner) – without her, I can’t walk the journey alone. Let’s now gather speed and sprint together to the top!”