"ageLOC TR90 has truly transformed my body and my life. In 90 days on the ageLOC TR90 program, I dropped 3 clothing sizes. I receive compliments every day on how good and how much younger I look."

Arne Diependaele, NZ


"I used to be overweight at 91.5 kg with a BMI of just under 30. I could not even bend down to do up my shoes without holding my breath because my stomach was compressing my diaphragm when I bent over. Then ageLOC TR90 came along. I decided I would try it myself before I recommended it to my friends. I lost 11kg and 53.5cm off my waist during the 90 day program. It has been life changing!"
Phil Gavin, AU


"I started ageLOC TR90 in April this year and have been absolutely amazed by the results so far! I have yo-yo dieted all my life and never realised the harm I was doing to my muscle engine. Once I reached the age of 40, I found it increasingly more difficult to lose the extra kilos that kept slowly creeping on. So far on ageLOC TR90, I’ve lost about 30cm off my waist and I was so excited when I saw my Day 60 photo compared to my Day 1 photo. I am so grateful to Nu Skin and ageLOC TR90, and I am really looking forward to adopting the ageLOC TR90 Eating Plan as a way of life in the future!"
Shelley May, AU


"I began my ageLOC TR90 transformation in April 2014. In the 90 days of the program, I lost 55cm from across my body, dropped from 30% body fat to 22.5%, and from 118kgs to 107kgs. I have continued to change my body composition in the two months since I completed the program by maintaining the eating and exercise lifestyle changes. I have shifted from size 40 jeans to size 36, and from a 2XL shirt to a L. I have via ageLOC TR90 achieved what I believe to be a wonderful transformation which I am finding easy to maintain, and I am hugely grateful to the Nu Skin for creating a wonderful opportunity!"
Matt Cornford, NZ


"A friend of mine achieved some fantastic results with ageLOC TR90 which led me to wonder whether it would work on my own body. Within 60 days on ageLOC TR90, I lost 7.9kg, 8cm off my waistline and 6cm off my hips. My body fat percentage reduced by 4% and my muscle percentage went up by 4%. I can see definition in my abs for the first time in 15 years. ageLOC TR90 has re-shaped my body and lifestyle!"
Tom Lin, NZ


"I discovered ageLOC in February 2012. It was a period of my life when things were not going well. I was addicted to my work and at the same time bored by it. Every day I was compensating by eating cakes and other sweet treats. I weighed 120kg. It was horrible. I couldn’t fasten my shoe laces or dress properly. The risks of serious diseases were always increasing, but I couldn’t restrict myself. I really wanted to lose weight. However was lacking the will to change my eating habits. At the Nu Skin Regional Convention on the Gold Coast in 2012, I wrote on the dream board '- 30'. It was really emotional as it was the most important thing for me to lose 30kg at the time. I hadn’t a clue how to do it; I just wanted to do it. With ageLOC TR90 and ageLOC R2, I now weigh 89kg. I have reached my goal! Thank you ageLOC!"
Thomas Chevrier, PF