ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra testimonials

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ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra testimonials

“I was lucky enough to be given the NEW ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra to trial for 3 months and I noticed so many benefits in this product. The first thing I noticed that the serum is less greasy than the current TFEU (which is great for us particularly in the summer months with the humidity) and spreads easier so it goes much further than it did before. It is how my skin feels when using the product that I LOVE the most. My skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom and the jowls that use to flop around on a windy day are a thing of the past, the firmness of my jaw line and the neck is what I enjoy and wanted most! Every day someone compliments me on my skin and tells me how lucky I am! Luck nothing —I found the best products in the world with Nu Skin and I have reset my genes using technology that I don’t understand, but who cares, the results speak for themselves. ageLOC TFEU is another Nu Skin product that I will not go without! Thank you Nu Skin for continually enhancing the product range so that we can look and live younger.”
 - Karen Millers, Team Elite Executive, Australia



“Ever since using ageLOC Tru Face Essence Ultra my face feels and looks firmer especially my laugh lines, around my eyes and on my forehead. I have been receiving so many compliments and positive comments from my work colleagues and friends, who have noticed my firmer looking skin and say that they hardly recognise me!”

- Micaela Trujillo, Ruby Executive, Australia.



I absolutely love the new ageLOC TFEU. My skin feels firmer and looks more youthful. I noticed a definite improvement around my eyes, jowl and neck area within a short period of time.
— Shurli M., Nu Skin Distributor


The NEW TFEU is the most incredible firming serum ever. Wow, my skin feels fabulous, I’m loving the compliments and on top of that it is priced perfectly. Thank you once again, Nu Skin!!
— Roz H., Nu Skin Distributor


I love the way the new ageLOC pearls feel.  One little bead appears to cover more skin and feels less greasy. I love knowing I am getting the power of the TFEU Ultra, along with the exclusivity of ageLOC.
— Bethany A., Nu Skin Employee


The difference I noticed between TFEU and the new ageLOC TFEU was that the new TFEU seemed to absorb quicker on my face, it was less greasy. I love the way my skin feels after application. The new TFEU is very moisturizing and just makes my skin look and feel more radiant.
— Jen T., Nu Skin Employee