Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

Nu Skin Enterprises New Zealand, Inc. (referred to as “Nu Skin”) respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information and complying with the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 (the “Act”). This Privacy Policy will help you to understand how your personal information is collected, processed, retained, used, disclosed and shared by Nu Skin.


This Privacy Policy applies to your dealings with Nu Skin and use of the Nu Skin Website (the “Website”).


A. Types of personal information and documents

The types of personal information and documents Nu Skin may collect from you from time to time include but are not limited to the following (in no particular order):

  • Names
  • Date of birth
  • Addresses (including email addresses, correspondence and delivery address)
  • Phone, mobile, facsimile and any other contact numbers
  • Passport Number, Permanent Resident Identification Number and any other identification details and documents (where applicable) and photocopies of the aforesaid identification documents
  • Distributor identification (ID) number
  • Inland Revenue Department (IRD) number
  • New Zealand Company Number (applicable to Business Entity only)
  • Business start-up date (applicable to Business Entity only)
  • Nationality
  • Residential status e.g. New Zealand citizen, Permanent Resident, etc.
  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Gender
  • Name of your spouse/Co-habitant and his/her identification document/number where your spouse/Co-habitant participates in or has participated or had a beneficial interest in a Distributorship either individually or as a participant in a Business Entity or Distributorship with joint participation
  • Signatures
  • Payment data such as bank account details, credit/debit cards details, copy of bank account statement and any information or data required to verify and/or process payment transactions
  • Your photographs and videos containing your image
  • Your testimonials and feedback regarding the Products of Nu Skin
  • Data about your dealings with Nu Skin, including but not limited to details of purchases and product returns
  • Your communication with Nu Skin, including but not limited to your correspondences with Nu Skin and any data or document produced by you or acquired by Nu Skin during such communication
  • Information and views about you which Nu Skin may obtain from other parties, for example, your upline or downline, referees and from carrying out security, credit and/or other checks and from Nu Skin’s assessment, opinion, appraisals and evaluations
  • Market research data such as preferred/non-preferred Products, sources of supply (online/offline)
  • Any other personal data and documents as may be requested of you or which you may provide in or pursuant to any specific form/document/contract involving you or your participation.

The extent of and the exact personal information and documents that is collected from you may vary from case to case depending on a range of factors and circumstances, such as the nature of the transactions and dealings with you, specific needs or requirements, the extent and nature of goods/services purchased/required, or the desired form of communication.


B. Purposes of collecting personal information and documents


The personal information and documents which Nu Skin may have collected or may be collecting from you or which you may have provided or may be providing to Nu Skin will be processed (which includes verifying, holding, storing, organising, adapting, retrieving, altering, modifying, correcting, erasing, deleting and/or destroying), used, disclosed and/or shared for, amongst others, the following purposes or any of them:

  • to open and administer your Distributor accounts and where applicable, to combine Distributor accounts;
  • to provide you with support and communicating with you regarding (i) Products and promotional offers, (ii) your Distributorship and Downline Organisations, (iii) Bonuses and other entitlements, and (iv) other relevant business issues;
  • to provide services to you, for instance, (i) sharing information in Nu Skin’s Business Support Materials, (ii) inviting you to events and send reminders on events venue, date and time, and (iii) organising success trips including but not limited to making meal arrangement;
  • to deliver Products, services or notices to you and to provide any ongoing customer care and support to you and your Distributorship;
  • for administration and management purposes including for (i) background checks and evaluation; (ii) processing of payment transaction/instructions; (iii) maintenance of your Distributor account with Nu Skin; (iv) collection of outstanding payments from you or processing refunds; (v) Nu Skin internal record keeping;
  • to give recognition to you as a Distributor, for instance by publishing your name and sales records;
  • marketing, for instance by using testimonials given by you in the Nu Skin’s events, on the Website, in marketing materials and in other marketing tools;
  • evaluative purposes, for instance, for assessing if refunds or exchanges should be made or if you have violated the Policies and Procedures or Nu Skin’s other policies;
  • for operational, management, administrative, supervisory or evaluative purposes;
  • providing the Products that you have requested;
  • from time to time, Nu Skin, its subsidiaries, affiliates or its business partners may contact you for market research purposes or to provide you with information about products or services of Nu Skin or special offers, promotions and charitable programs co-branded products/services, and products or services offered by Nu Skin’s business partners; (collectively “Purposes”).


C. Disclosure of personal information and documents


All personal information and/or documents collected by Nu Skin or provided by you or on your behalf will:

(i) be transferred to and held by and/or disclosed to overseas recipients, for example, Nu Skin at its corporate headquarters in the United States of America, its regional headquarters, and/or its affiliated companies (whether within or outside of New Zealand) for processing and storage; and

(ii) may be disclosed to and shared with any of the following categories or class of third parties within or outside of New Zealand:

  • Related and affiliated companies within the Nu Skin group of companies (whether within or outside of New Zealand) including directors, employees, agents and representatives thereof for operational, management, administrative, supervisory or evaluative purposes;
  • A third party vendor or service provider if necessary to provide you with the Products or services that you have requested;
  • Lawyers, auditors, financial advisors, and other professionals in connection with their services to Nu Skin;
  • Your upline Distributors and/or other party when Nu Skin determines it is appropriate or necessary to ensure proper upline support or for Distributor educational purposes;
  • Any agent, contractor, vendor or third party service provider who provides services to Nu Skin in connection with the operation of its business;
  • Any applicable regulatory, statutory, governmental or other relevant authorities, agencies or bodies and industry regulators, and any other person to whom Nu Skin or any of its associated companies is compelled, required or permitted to do so by law, rules or regulations, legal process or litigation;
  • Any person pursuant to any order of a court of competent jurisdiction;
  • Any third party if Nu Skin has a good faith belief that it is required to do so by law or legal process, to respond to claims, or to protect the rights of Nu Skin, or if Nu Skin reasonably believes there is a serious threat to public health or public safety or to your life or health or to life or health of others;
  • Any potential or actual purchaser in connection with any joint venture, collaboration, acquisition or any proposal relating thereto involving Nu Skin or any part of Nu Skin or all or any part of its businesses, assets or liability or in connection with a merger or reconstruction;
  • Any business partner, agent, contractor, advisers, consultants or other third party (including but not limited to financial institutions, insurers, courier companies, printing companies) (whether in or outside New Zealand) who provide administrative or other related services to Nu Skin (such as warehousing and delivery, marketing and advertising, information technology and software development, website hosting and management, office services, legal, accounting, audit and other professional services)
  • Any other third party specified or contemplated in any specific form/document/agreement/ contract involving you or your participation where it is for all or any of the Purposes or is directly related to the Purposes listed in Part B.


D. Data transfer and sharing


Your personal information and/or documents may be disclosed to, and may be accessed by or given to employees of, Nu Skin at its corporate headquarters in the United States of America, its regional headquarters, and/or its affiliated companies (whether within or outside of New Zealand) for processing and storage. Your personal information and/or documents may also be disclosed to third parties at one or more locations outside New Zealand if required or deemed necessary or desirable by Nu Skin in connection with any of the Purposes set out in Part B.


E. Access and correction request


You may contact Nu Skin and make inquiries, and/or request, in writing, for access to or correction of, your personal information held by Nu Skin or to limit the processing of your personal information. You may also make a complaint, in writing, relating to a breach of this Privacy Policy or the Act by writing to the Personal Data Protection Officer at the following address/email address:

Personal Data Protection Officer

Postal Address: Nu Skin Enterprises New Zealand, Inc. PO Box 107145, Auckland Airport, Auckland 2150

Telephone No. : 09 254 4180

Email address :


Nu Skin may charge a reasonable fee for responding to and carrying out your request. Any request of access or request of correction or limiting the processing of your personal information is subject always to the requirements, restrictions and provisions of the Act and any rules, regulations, orders, codes and Nu Skin’s rights thereunder.


F. Security of personal information and documents


Nu Skin will take reasonable precautions to safeguard your personal information and will endeavour to implement appropriate measures as may be required by applicable laws to protect your personal information from unauthorised or unlawful use or processing and unauthorised or accidental access or disclosure, alteration or destruction of your personal information. However, Nu Skin has no control over the privacy and security of any communication while it is in transit to Nu Skin.


G. Choice for Providing Personal Information and Documents


It is obligatory for you to provide your personal information, and relevant documents to Nu Skin. If you choose not to provide Nu Skin with your relevant personal information, Nu Skin may not be able to process such personal information for any of the Purposes set out in Part B, failing of which may result in the rejection of your Distributorship application or result in Nu Skin being unable to use, process or disclose or continue to use, process or disclose your personal information for any of the Purposes.


You may, at any time, by notice in writing to Nu Skin require Nu Skin at the end of such period as is reasonable in the circumstances to cease or not to begin processing your personal information for purposes of direct marketing. You may also request Nu Skin in writing, at the end of such period as Nu Skin deems reasonable in the circumstances, to cease the disclosure of personal information that may be provided to your upline Distributors but without prejudice to Nu Skin’s rights hereunder or in any contract between you and Nu Skin.


H. Collection of third party’s personal information


Where personal information about another person is provided by you, such as the contact details of referees or information about your sponsor, spouse or cohabitant, it is your obligation to notify that person and that by your providing the personal information and/or documents of that person to Nu Skin, you confirm and acknowledge that you have notified that person and that that person has appointed you to act on his/her behalf and that you have obtained that person’s consent and authorisation to your collecting, processing, using, sharing and disclosing on his/her/its behalf of his/her/its personal information (including the transfer of his/her personal information abroad). You agree and undertake to comply with the Act with respect to the treatment of such personal information and documents and shall further comply with such reasonable directives and/or requests of Nu Skin for the purposes of complying with the Act.


In order to protect you and Nu Skin, you must obtain the written consent of your retail customers regarding the potential disclosure to Nu Skin of their personal information that may be obtained as the result of a retail sale. The purposes of the disclosure may include (i) retail sales verification in accordance with the Policies and Procedures or an associated investigation; (ii) collection of aggregated general data about retails sales and Nu Skin’s customer base; and (iii) disclosure to third parties if Nu Skin has a good faith belief that it is required to do so by law or legal process, to respond to claims, to protect the rights of Nu Skin or if Nu Skin reasonably believes there is a serious threat to public health or public safety or to your life or health or to life and health of others. It is suggested that you procure such a written consent on your Retail Order and Receipt Form.


I. Use of Cookies


Nu Skin may, at times, use “cookies” that tell Nu Skin how and when pages in the Website are visited, and by how many people. Nu Skin cookies do not collect personal information and Nu Skin does not combine information collected through cookies with other personal information to tell Nu Skin who you are or even what your e-mail address is. Nu Skin may also provide statistical general information to our Nu Skin affiliates as to how Nu Skin Distributors and customers use the Website.


You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies or notify you when a cookie is sent. Each browser is different, so check the “Help” menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences. Please note that if you reject all cookies, you may not be able to use Nu Skin’s services which require you to, for example, log on.


The Website may include content from other parties that may perform user activity tracking other than that described herein. In particular, some of Nu Skin third party vendors may use cookies in ways that Nu Skin does not. Please note that Nu Skin does not control the use or contents of third party cookies.


J. Revision of the Privacy Policy


Nu Skin reserves the right to review, update, amend or modify this Privacy Policy from time to time and at any time. The latest version of the Privacy Policy will be posted on Nu Skin’s website at under the “Regulatory Corner. You are advised to check Nu Skin’s website regularly to ensure that you have read the most recent version of the Privacy Policy.