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Scanner Operator

What can the Scanner do for my business?

Developed by doctors and physicists at a top U.S. research university in 2003, the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is a device that determines the level of presence of carotenoids in the skin. This carotenoid level reflects an important indication of the nutritional intake of carotenoids in the human body.By placing your hand in front of a low-energy blue light, the Scanner gives you your Skin Carotenoid Score and you become empowered to make improvements to your carotenoids level.


Integrated into the Nu Skin business, the Scanner is a proven way to help people assess the carotenoid level, and therefore a powerful sales tool. Measure your customers' SCS to help identify how they can improve their carotenoids level and let them select from a range of Scanner Certified Products - easily ordered on Automatic Delivery Rewards (ADR) - to support their nutritional needs. After a period of enjoying the benefits of our supplements, a re-scan will give them concrete evidence on how their SCS has evolved, demonstrating that their Pharmanex supplements are truly making a difference.


The Scanner is also a great sponsoring tool. Show your partners the business opportunities that this unique instrument represents. The Scanner's benefits to your business can be numerous: It attracts new prospects, it facilitates the signs up, the ADR creation and retention and helps you to earn bonuses.

Nu Skin retains all authorship and ownership rights on the device on which the company owns a patent. The Scanner can only be leased and not sold to you.