Yek Kok Yong


Yek Kok Yong

My Transformation Story

After being in the workforce for a period of time, I started gaining weight and growing fatter. Friends around me started teasing me by calling me Fatty, and at worst, some of them couldn't even recognize me!

I tried exercising but still unable to slim down. Until one day I saw some of my relatives started slimming down well and became healthier with ageLOC® TR90®. Hence, I decided to give it a try! After 90 days, it was remarkable as I was in my best shape. I felt so much younger, healthier and more vibrant! My pant size reduced from 36 to 32! From before till date, I lost more than 15kg! And the best thing is many people started saying I became more handsome now! I would like to thank Nu Skin for this amazing product and my consultant for introducing this to me!


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