Ngo Lik Young


Ngo Lik Young

My Transformation Story

Previously, I had problem in slimming down, no matter how hard I exercised, I always failed. I started gaining more weight after my first born. I had tried many ways to slim down but all were unsuccessful and during my journey to slim down I was blessed with my second baby. Within those pregnancy periods, my body weight increased. Everyone said I became fatter and I felt really depressed. I realized that there is no way for me to slim down without any proper guidance. I know Nu Skin many years ago but I rejected to accept its product. But thanks to my instructor's perseverance, I decided to try and I bought my first ageLOC® TR90® set when I was still pregnant. After the confinement month, I started my ageLOC® TR90® journey. The results were unbelievable. Thanks to ageLOC® TR90®, I was able to slim myself down. Thank you Nu Skin for transforming me to look at my very best.


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