Muhamad Muzzamil Bin Sahjamal


Muhamad Muzzamil Bin Sahjamal

My Transformation Story

I started to gain weight due to aging despite being an active 30 years old man who loves working out and running. I spend hours at the gym after work, tried out a few types of diets, and spent thousands on fat burning supplements, but it just never works so I stopped trying. Until one day, I dislocated my right kneecap while running and fell flat on the ground. I stopped running for a year and went to multiple physio sessions. It turns out that my right knee has a condition which allows my kneecap to slip easily, and I’m passionate in running so I need to lose weight! Joining the ageLOC® TR90® program was my best decision ever, it helped me to run further and faster. Most importantly, I finally managed to complete my first full marathon injury-free! If you are still considering about joining the program, take my words, it works! If you are currently in the program, I wish you the best! If you have completed and benefited from the program like we all did, congratulations as you have made the best decision in your life! Thank you.


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