Lee Thiam Yew


Lee Thiam Yew

My Transformation Story

I found myself loose fitting in January 2019 and reached 93kg. It was the heaviest weight in my life. At that time, I thought my weight still maintained at 80+kg but when one of my friends took a weight scale to measure, only then did I realize that I was overweight. And while I was feeling lazy and obtuse during that time, I noticed that my colleague Jack slimmed down. Out of curiosity, I asked how he was able to slim down in such a short time. He introduced ageLOC® TR90® System to me. With the help of ageLOC® TR90® system, I was able to slim down in just 90 days. The results were amazing, I was really thankful to be introduced to ageLOC® TR90® system. Thank you, Nu Skin.


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