Careen Wong Lay Imm


Careen Wong Lay Imm

My Transformation Story

Before consuming ageLOC® TR90®, I experienced rashes around my face and abdomen, as well as signs of early menopause. Besides, I got very tired even though I rested or slept a lot. I shared my problem with my best friend, and she shared with me about ageLOC® TR90® program. I was a person who never took supplements and never believed in them. But I trusted my best friend and attended ageLOC® TR90® trainings. I was so impressed with all their successful transformation. Then I told myself that I wanted to be like them and be able to walk on stage and share my story after 3 months. I set it as my resolution of 2019. I'm truly impressed with the transformation and very happy to share this with everybody on how amazing this program is. I’m sharing my story here because I believe everyone deserves a great life.


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