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Besides going to Nu Skin Experience Center*, what other ordering options does Nu Skin have?


If you are Distributor/Brand Affiliate, apart from walk-in purchases made at Nu Skin Experience Center, we also offer fax-in order services to our Distributors/Brand Affiliates.


Walk-in: You may order your products by visiting Nu Skin Experience Center.


Fax Order Service: Available from Monday to Saturday. You have the option to pick-up your order from Nu Skin Experience Center or have your products delivered to your address. Fax in your order form to 1800 88 2099. Your order form must contain your Distributor/Brand Affiliate ID, name, products items, quantity and your credit card details. Please avoid any erasures to your order forms.


What forms of payment do you accept for product purchases or when registering as a new Distributor/Brand Affiliate?


We accept cash, Debit Card, Master and VISA credit cards payment for purchases made via Nu Skin Experience Centers.


For purchases made via fax-in orders, we accept Master and VISA credit cards only. 


If I make an online order for products from another Nu Skin office, for example, the United States, can delivery be made to my local address in Malaysia?


We would like to inform you that online services to purchase products in each Nu Skin market is available only to Distributors/Brand Affiliates residing in those respective markets.


As such, only Distributors/Brand Affiliates residing in that particular market may place orders online for Nu Skin products available in that market. This applies to Nu Skin foreign or local to that market, so long as they are residing there. Delivery of products would not apply outside of the United States.


*To note: Nu Skin Distributor Centers is now known as Nu Skin Experience Centers.