Erik Cheah & Melanie Leow

Erik Cheah & Melanie Leow

2 Year Team Elite




Fulfilling their life goals and giving back are at the heart of Erik and Melanie’s Nu Skin business. Both were certified yoga teachers before embarking on their Nu Skin business. Being passionate advocates of healthy, happy living, what drew them to the products and into the business was how it provided them a platform to not only help them achieve their lifelong dreams but also to make the world a better place.


"My dream is to travel the world - but it doesn't stop there. Giving back to the society is also one of my aspirations and Nu Skin offers me the platform to work hard to fulfil  these dreams,” Erik says. “For instance, contributing to Nu Skin’s Southeast Asia Children Heart Fund and Nourish The Children Foundation helps me stay motivated in this business. I love the feeling of giving happiness to others.”


When it comes to challenges, in Erik’s point of view, they are not really a big issue as he believes with self-discipline and self-mastery, any kind of obstacles or difficulties can be resolved. Focus is one of his cornerstones of achieve his goals. In order to achieve anything, one must never lose sight of his or her goals and persevere on. Approaching the business from this perspective has proven to bring great results. They were both recognised as Team Elite, a title that motivates them to commit, work hard with persistency towards greater goals.


"With each milestone, we gain more experience that we can use to lead our team better and help more people sharing the Nu Skin products and business opportunity," Erik says, "Every success is more than just attaining personal goals, it's also an opportunity to help others do the same. It's always amazing to see people transform every day. Seeing how people are also given an opportunity to run Nu Skin business and share the products gives me the ultimate boost of confidence to keep aiming for greater goals in Nu Skin,” Erik shares.

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