Cassandra Lee & Jack Kerk

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Cassandra Lee & Jack Kerk

1 Year Presidential Director


“Take consistent massive actions that align with your goals to have the right result!”


A simple invitation to meet more new friends opened the doors to a life transforming opportunity for Jack Kerk. “From an engineer to an engineering manager, to becoming the general manager of the company taught me a priceless lesson – the higher your pay is, the more work and responsibilities with less time freedom you will have,” said the former general manager of a public listed textile company.


Nu Skin’s rewarding compensation plan left the 37-year-old professional with one thought in mind. “If I can make this work, I will be able to gain time and financial flexibility.”


After venturing 3 months into the Nu Skin business as part time builder, he has successfully achieved his first 5-figure income. “I decided not to sit on the fence as all successes require FOCUS and Massive Action. I also understand that by helping my downlines to succeed, I will be able to receive leveraged income from the business. This is one of the features that I like about this business.”


In Nu Skin, he found a group of partners who are as passionate as him in improving lives.


Achieving the Executive Brand Director is merely just another milestone in the Nu Skin business that represents the number of people they have helped in the business. “We will continue to work with more people to achieve their dreams together,” confirmed Cassandra, his wife.


Our new Executive Brand Director would like to extend their heartiest gratitude to their sponsor, Senior Brand Director, Henry Lim who introduced this fantastic business to them and their uplines: 1 Year Platinum Presidential Director, 3 Year Presidential Director & Circle of Excellence 1, KC Kang & Willing Tan; Executive Brand Director, Eddie Phoon & Margaret; 1 Year Presidential Director & Circle of Excellence 1, Monita Lo; 1 Year Platinum Presidential Director, 7 Year Presidential Director & Circle of Excellence III, Kwan Tai Chi & Charissa Lee; 2 Year Platinum Presidential Director, 4 Year Presidential Director & Circle of Excellence III, Joseph Cheung, Janet Cheung & Philip Cheung, as well as all the Southeast Asia Leaders whose success stories have inspired them the possibility of this fantastic Global Business.

To qualify for any pin level or title you must meet all the requirements of the Sales Compensation Plan for your market. Not all sales leaders succeed or make profit. Generating meaningful compensation as a sales leader requires considerable time, effort, and commitment. For more information, please contact the Nu Skin office in your home market or go to