Yvonne Fong

Yvonne Fong

Executive Brand Director


“It’s about walking the walk and not just talking the talk.”


Yvonne Fong is no stranger to hard work, nor is she averse to putting her heart and soul into everything she ventures into. Certainly, the story of Yvonne is that of success from determination. From as early as 9 years old she was persistent in getting the grades and improving herself. With a degree from the UK in Mass Communications, Yvonne was pretty sure on how she can continue to improve her life after her studies.


Years passed and time flies, Yvonne was doing well at work, but there was one thing that she can’t seem to success at no matter how hard she persisted. It was to regain her body shape and confidence that she lost after having her third child. Expressing her concern, Yvonne’s best friend introduced her to ageLOC® TR90® System, which Yvonne soon started on.


While regaining her figure, Yvonne and her husband saw the effectiveness of the product and they too began to see the opportunity and prospects that Nu Skin carries. Soon, they experienced a transformation of a lifetime: joining the Nu Skin business.


“I was delighted to see my own transformation, more to come is the sense of satisfaction that we got from seeing all the other transformations,” says Yvonne happily. “It is also about helping people who needed financial flexibility to survive and sustain their household expenses,” she adds. 


For Yvonne, her success at reaching Executive Brand Director was through hard work and actions. She addresses that time and patience matter as she put her heart and soul in growing and leading her entire team. Not having a great impression of multilevel marketing at first, her confidence in the products allowed her to lead her team and together, they help Yvonne to reach this realm of success.


She believes that the entire business is about honesty and integrity. Therefore, with guidance and wisdom from leaders, she looks for people who want to genuinely help each other and values the joy of transformation.


“It’s about walking the walk and not just talking the talk. Time can be managed and task can be completed, you just need to be focused and determined.” As such Yvonne is also a 1% commission contributor to the SEA Children’s Heart Fund and has encouraged all members of her team to follow suit.


Needless to say, Yvonne is grateful to the Nu Skin Opportunity as it transformed her life by gaining her original body shape, earning a living with time flexibility and allowing her to assist others for a change. Yvonne believes in empowering others to improve the lives as her entire Nu Skin journey has been a transformative one.


Nu Skin taught her to be more patient and outspoken to become a leader with a mission: To help people each and every day.

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