Yvonne Ang & Melvin Sho

Yvonne Ang &
Melvin Sho

Blue Diamond Executive

“Believe in our own capability and take the first step.”

It is very rare to find successful distributors in direct selling industry, especially in Malaysia. But Nu Skin has changed this as it has created too many Million Dollar Circle Members.

The main reason to this is because its products speak for themselves. “Because of them, my family and I have regained health. This has given me the confidence to take on the first step to make it into my business,” shared Yvonne.

She followed her uplines to the 2010 Southeast Asia Regional Convention in Singapore. “Wow! It was amazing. There were more than 6,000 attendees. Everyone looked fantastic, too far of a difference from their original age. And all these, was because of ageLOC. They were happily sharing their success stories and achievement, together with the future plan they had.”

Nu Skin’s stock price will rise to USD50. “I told myself, this was too scary. It was moving too fast. I must catch this train to success, and make it to the 2012 Southeast Asia Regional Convention. I must become a Blue Diamond Executive. Thank God, I finally made it!”

To Yvonne, Blue Diamond Executive is just the beginning of her journey, which also represents the first milestone in her life. “In Nu Skin, we only need to believe. Though dare to dream, following the footsteps of our leaders, and putting our hearts and minds into the business are essential for us to achieve our freedom and brighter future; the most important part is still to believe in our own capability and take the first step.”

Yvonne would like to thank her spouse, parents, family members and friends for their support and encouragement, as well as the trust given to her by her business partners.

She would also like to thank the Nu Skin staff for their support and commitment. “A big thank you to all my uplines, Blue Diamond Executive, Shirley Tan & Ong Say Way; Blue Diamond Executive, Amy Khor Lay Hoon & Albert Sia Ah Bong; 1 Million Dollar Circle Member & Team Elite 1 Year, Cola Kuo Shih Shan & Chi Ching Chi; 1 Million Dollar Circle Member, Chiu Yu Ming and Blue Diamond Executive, Stella Wang Hsin Mei for their guidance, support and sacrifices,” Yvonne expressed her gratefulness.