Wong Mun Foo & Mah Yee Ching

Wong Mun Foo & Mah Yee Ching

Executive Brand Director


“Work hard, play hard.”


John and Yee Ching met each other in college while studying Computing and Information Systems. After graduation, they worked as software engineer in Kuala Lumpur before finding a job in Singapore.


John always believes that to succeed in life, one must be a successful entrepreneur. He got to know of Nu Skin through a colleague. He was skeptical about multi-level marketing due to a bad experience. However, he still joins this business because he has confidence in its products.


During this 10-year Nu Skin journey, he discovered his potential; he grew and developed to become a better person. To him, Nu Skin is a life-changing opportunity unlike others which only focus on money making.


By sharing this life-changing opportunity, be it from products or opportunity, John feels he can become more successful. And, that is Nu Skin.


John would like to take this opportunity to thank his parents for bringing him up with love. He would like to thank all his mentors Circle of Excellence IV & 11 Year Presidential Director, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho; Circle of Excellence I & 3 Year Presidential Director, Ong Gee & Jenny Ding;  Executive Brand Director, Ho Mun Hoe and Executive Brand Director, Willy Lim. And, special thanks go to his sponsors, Loo Lian Wee and Vivian Lim who introduce him such a wonderful business. He is also really grateful to have his wife, Yee Ching, with him throughout this Nu Skin journey.


As for Yee Ching, she always believes in “work hard, play hard”. After 3 years of working, she started to realize that even if she continued to work for another 5 to 10 years, she will never get the lifestyle she wants. She started to think about what she really wants in life and felt that she really needed to change and find another better opportunity.


In January 2002, at the age of 25, she met Nu Skin through John’s colleagues. She decided to open up her heart. She listened to a cassette tape given by their sponsor; she felt that this is going to be a big business! She went to Nu Skin Singapore showcase to buy the Distributor Agreement form and sign herself up without her sponsors knowing it!


She started to go full time in this business after 5 months. Started with a person without any sales and business experience, she learned to become an entrepreneur and leader through the guidance of her uplines. She always thinks that this business is learnable, as long as you really have the desire to learn and succeed in this business.


She would like to thank her beloved parents for their trust and full support in whatever she does. Her love for her parents is the main driving force for her to keep trying until she succeeds in this business.

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