Tong Boon Lian

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Tong Boon Lian

Executive Brand Director


“It is very easy to succeed in Nu Skin. You only need to make sure you are completing the simple things in the right manner as simplicity requires wisdom too.”


“If you continue to do what you are doing now, will you be able to enjoy a more relaxing lifestyle in three to five years? Will you have more time for your family?” They were awakened by these questions.

Boon Lian was an authorized auditor while Laker was a freelance computer expert for more than 10 years before joining Nu Skin.

Laker knew that he would not be able to get what he wanted under employment. Hence, he started his own computer business during the worst of time. Boon Lian, however, chose to remain unchanged, enjoying her stable income and lifestyle.

The couple was building their future at different platforms after their marriage. “But the arrival of our first born has caused us to reconsider our plans as we did not have sufficient time for her.”

When they started to look into this problem, they realized that they were unable to achieve their dreams at the platforms they were at.

“We have always been very skeptical about the Direct Selling and did not believe it would be a business for us,” this was why they kept pushing their sponsor away. “It was through the uplines’ success stories that allowed us to realize that Nu Skin is the opportunity that can bring us time and financial freedom. It also offers a chance for us to help other people improve their lives.”

They thanked Nu Skin for creating such a wonderful platform, allowing everyone to be able to succeed in this business. “We were attracted by the Nu Skin culture. This was why we were willing to let go of our past and venture into the Nu Skin business. We knew that we can find what we were looking for in Nu Skin.”

“It is very easy to succeed in Nu Skin. You only need to make sure that you are completing the simple things in the right manner, as simplicity requires wisdom too. One should help the people around us with the right mind and attitude, and continue doing it everyday, happily. This is how we run the Nu Skin business. We apply our daily life in Nu Skin and vice versa,” shared the Executive Brand Director.

For their achievement, they thank a group of angels who have guided them. They would like to thank their family for their support, their uplines for their guidance and the Nu Skin management team for their assistance, support and encouragement.

“We would like to thank all the Circle of Excellence Members and our direct sponsor. We would also like to convey our sincere gratitude to Circle of Excellence I & 1 Year Presidential Director, Kho Lee Ling and our business partners and sidelines who have shared their success stories with us.”

They concluded: “Nu Skin is a gift – a gift that everyone would need!”

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