Siow Wei Kit & Lam Sook Wah

Siow Wei Kit & Lam Sook Wah

Executive Brand Director

“Live up your dreams! Fear not of challenges; Persevere and focus on the goals! Be grateful, and strive with great determination!”

Coming from a humble background, life has not been treating Wei Kit and Sook Wah too well during their younger days. Though forced to give up the opportunity to further their studies, the young couple did not give up, but to fight back!


Recalling their earlier days, Sook Wah used to struggle from acne problems. Frustrated with the scars on her face, she found Nu Skin – The Solution! “There is a saying: Everything happens for a reason, with the ultimate result that benefits us.” Indeed, Sook Wah becomes the living testimonial to this statement. “Nu Skin’s products helped me to look prettier and rebuilt my confidence. It also guided me to explore a colorful journey in my life,” she says gratefully.


After trying the products and witnessing the results, Wei Kit and Sook Wah started to build their Nu Skin business as a part-time career without reservations. They managed to earn supplemental income, which confirmed their decision to make this their full-time business. “We started the Nu Skin business to improve our lives and break the poverty circle. But the lessons we have learned has created breakthrough in our mindset. Initially, we were just hoping to earn more and succeed, but along the journey, we have gained more than we comprehend,” affirms the new Executive Brand Director.


The challenges and failures they stumbled upon along the journey have trained them into becoming committed and better individuals, giving them the opportunity to help more people.


“Nu Skin has rewarded us with more than just leveraged income. It is a product and business opportunity to achieve goals. It gave us the chance to take charge of our time and life, creating a more colorful and meaning life,” says Sook Wah with great confidence in her glowing, radiant appearance - a total change from the previous ordinary girl without much self-esteem. “Nu Skin is a platform that everyone can leverage on to excel. Any ordinary individual can become successful with dedication and great effort,” says Wei Kit, whose ultimate goal is to become a Circle of Excellence IV member.


As the new Executive Brand Director, the husband and wife team would like to thank Nu Skin; Circle of Excellence IV, 6 Year Team Elite Platinum & 20 Year Team Elite, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho for their guidance; their upline Circle of Excellence I, Jason Lai & Jay Loh; Executive Brand Director, Wei Hong for their support and encouragement; and their parents and family members for supporting them along their journey of success.

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