Siow Wei Hong & Alan Poon

Siow Wei Hong & Alan Poon

Executive Brand Director


“We CAN be successful at an early age and earn a better living and future even when we are young and fresh”


When university students were still enjoying their college life, Wei Hong has already decided on his goal of owning a unique lifestyle of his own. “We should enjoy a glorious life and not just live for the sake of living.”

When he started the Nu Skin business, he was with limited resources and capital, and zero support from his family and friends.

But what made him different from the rest of his peers was that when everyone was confused about which path and direction to take upon graduation, he was already certain about his direction and dream.

Alan, on the other hand, has always been an excellent student with excellent results in both academic and co-curriculum activities. Everyone that he knows thought that he would surely to have his desired lifestyle.

Alan was hired as an engineer at an International company upon graduation. Long working hours and boring routines caused him to reconsider his goal in life. “I decided to forego the stable income that I was earning and search for a better future.” explained the mature and positive leader.

For the success in Nu Skin, the newly crowned Executive Brand Directors would like to thank their uplines, Circle of Excellence IV & 12 Year Presidential Director, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho, 1 Year Presidential Director, Tan Teck, Executive Brand Director赖胜耀和罗采培. “Thank you to all the leaders who have supported and guided us along the way, allowing us to recognize our destination when we were still young. A big thank you to our downlines too, for faithfully trusting us and all the sidelines who have shared their success stories and guided us.”

The young Executive Brand Directors have gained a lot, especially in leveraged income and time flexibility. Most importantly, they have gained more living skill and experiences in life compared to their peers. “We have proven that success is possible at an early stage. It is possible for us to own better living and brighter future when we are still young and fresh. We can’t live a dull life. It has to be as interesting, exciting and colorful as it can be!”

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