Sharifah Julina & Shafiq Abdullah

Sharifah Julina & Shafiq Abdullah

Executive Brand Director


"When you decide to do something or help someone, just do it!"


Nu Skin's Force for Good concept has never failed to inspire and keep Sharifah Julina and her husband, Shafiq Abdullah focused on their goal throughout their Nu Skin journey.


Both lawyers by profession, they have never been afraid of hard work or challenges. However, as energy and time are finite, they learned to use these resources wisely for what matters most to them: their family. This was also what inspired Sharifah to venture into Nu Skin on a full-time basis with her husband. Shafiq could only do it part-time as he is still running his own law practice.


"I enjoyed my work, but I realized I was sacrificing too much family time. I was working almost seven days a week that at one point I did not see my family for several days. My kids – I have five of them, are growing up so fast. I want to spend more time with them and be there for them as they grow up."


Sharifah adds that one of the things that she enjoyed about her previous job is providing solutions and helping others resolve problems. She realized she was already using this skillset each time she introduced people to Nu Skin products. Before she was a Nu Skin entrepreneur, she and her twin sisters were ardent Nu Skin consumers who really loved ageLOC products, such as ageLOC TR90 weight management system; thus it was only natural for her to share her experience when selling the products to her customers. Inadvertently, her network grew and thus her Nu Skin business started "accidentally", as she puts in.


Beyond product benefits, Nu Skin's business platform also offers Sharifah and Shafiq an ideal avenue to build the family-oriented lifestyle they want while enjoying leveraged income at the same time. When they first started, they encountered many challenges, but they treated each hurdle as a learning curve. To them, persistence, consistency, and self-belief are the keys to success. Just recently they both achieved the Executive Brand Directors title, which further fuels their passion for the business.


"We have more peace of mind now. For myself, I feel fulfilled as I can be the wife, mother and business owner that I want to be," Sharifah says. "Our advice to those who want to be successful in Nu Skin is to be humble and be approachable. At Nu Skin, everybody is a winner and success comes from team effort – so no-one is left behind. We look forward to an exciting journey ahead as we aim to help more people. Even if it is just one person, it will make the whole journey a worthwhile one!"

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