Scott Yeo

Scott Yeo

Executive Brand Director

"It is about what we can gain rather than what we have lost."


Formerly a chemistry teacher, Scott has always been passionate about teaching. While Nu Skin was an entirely new line of work for him, he didn't have to compromise his love for educating others as the business gave him the opportunity to continue teaching something even more substantial.


“The objective for both of these career paths is the same – to educate people and help them become better,” Scott shares. “However, being a teacher is only limited to helping others learn about a specific topic. With Nu Skin, it expands to something even more meaningful. I can now apply my teaching skills to empower others to be the best version of themselves."


Scott's interest in Nu Skin started when he was introduced to Nu Skin's weight management program. Having personally experienced the benefits of the products, he began exploring what the Nu Skin business was about. Impressed by the company's business model, he began working on the business on a part-time basis but decided to venture into it full-time after further consideration.


Positive changes abound from thereon. His lifestyle as well as his well-being improved, and he found that he was more open-minded and optimistic. "Before this I was quite introverted. After joining Nu Skin, I picked up many valuable leadership and communication skills which helped me become more outgoing and open with others," Scott says.


Throughout his Nu Skin journey, Scott was grateful for the many memorable experiences that he had encountered. One of them was meeting Blake Roney during a Nu Skin Convention in the States in 2009. "Blake shared something that truly touched my heart. He said that Nu Skin's mission is to help others by being a good person ourselves," Scott explains. "Whenever I come across any challenges in the business, I think about what Blake said. Knowing that I am with a good company makes me feel more confident to move forward."


According to Scott, most of the difficulties in his business stem from the lack of support and discouraging comments from family members and friends. "I believe if we stay focused on our own goals and trust ourselves, we can confidently persevere through any obstacles in the business,” Scott says and advises to never dwell on loss and failure. "Let go of caring too much about you have lost, for example failing to persuade a customer or losing a prospect. Instead, think about the experience that you have acquired and use that to improve yourself."

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