Nicholas Chee & Onzy Chow

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Nicholas Chee & Onzy Chow

Executive Brand Director


“Success isn’t how much money you’ve made, but it’s how many lives that you have positively impacted.”


Nicholas was encountering multiple health problems when he was still working for a multinational company in the construction industry. With his mother persistently urging him to look into his health problems, he committed himself to the weight management program from Nu Skin, aiming to improve his health.


After completing the program, though his health was significantly improved, Nicholas wasn’t interested and was rather skeptical about the Nu Skin Opportunity. But in 2012, curiosity sparked. “I came across the documentary on Discovery Channel about the ageLOC technology and since then I was hooked with the amazing innovations from Nu Skin,” says Nicholas.


He shared his wish of joining the business with Onzy, who was his then girlfriend, but received an extreme feedback: Onzy told him that she will never marry a person who is in the MLM industry. Frustrated yet persistent, Nicholas cleared Onzy’s skepticism through witnessing success stories and managed to convince her to join Nu Skin, fulltime that is.


This couple who faced extreme challenges made it through, and soon they got married with the pledge to work together towards their mission, which is to help others to improve their lives just like how Nu Skin has impacted them. “For us, success isn’t how much money you’ve made, but it’s how many lives that you have positively impacted,” Nicholas and Onzy added.


Through their experience with Nu Skin, these dynamic duos have learned that everyone has the potential to grow and become a better person, all they need is to focus. While reaching Executive Brand Director only marks the start of their aspirations for success, together as a team, they are now working towards becoming Circle of Excellence members.


“We are all born leaders, the question is whether or not we want to take accountability for our team’s success,” says Nicholas and Onzy. “Leadership and success are things you have to push yourself towards to. You can see from our team that everyone can succeed in this business, even though they all came from a variety of backgrounds. A desire to succeed and a willingness to work for a change for betterment are what pulled us together.”


They believe what matters most are the business culture, its integrity and the quality of the products. “A lot of people are all about quantity and building the team fast, but in Nu Skin, we saw that quality is crucial one. It is not about how fast a team grows but rather about the culture within that team,” says Nicholas and Onzy.


Standing by all the Nu Skin values, Nicholas and Onzy want to continue living the Nu Skin’s mission of being a force for good throughout the world, sharing the business opportunity and empowering people to improve their lives. 

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