Mitchell Tam & Elvis Tan

Mitchell Tam & Elvis Tan

Executive Brand Director


“There will only be successes beyond your imagination, there will not be any impossible mission.”


Mitchell and Elvis were both from lower income families. Though without high education qualification, they both have their own dream that they wish to pursue after graduated from high school.

Mitchell was a beauty consultant with seven years of experience in the beauty industry while Elvis ran his own business for five years.

Three years ago, they were awakened by a simple question by a friend: “If you continue to do what you are doing now, will you be able to have a more relaxing life and more time for your family?”

After witnessing the charm of Nu Skin business, they decided to change their pathway and went into an entire new business.
“Besides being the loyal users of Nu Skin products, we are also the testimonies for TRA. We have lost 37kg with TRA, and have helped many of our friends to regain their health,” commented the new Blue Diamond Executive proudly.  

“For the past three years in Nu Skin, we have managed to build a stable team and become the leaders by example through strong belief with great determination to succeed.”

Nu Skin offers seamless business opportunities. There will only be successes beyond your imagination, there will not be any impossible mission. “If people who are lack of education qualification and background, like us, can also make it big, so can anyone else!”

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