Max Yip & Sharon Hew

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Max Yip & Sharon Hew

Executive Brand Director

"Begin with belief and persist to the end!"


Positive changes and self-transformation are what started Max and Sharon on their Nu Skin journey. Prior to their Nu Skin business, Sharon was employed in the banking industry in Singapore while Max was an independent financial planner. They were both introduced to Nu Skin through Max's friend when they were looking for a weight loss program to improve their health and well-being. Having learned more about the brand, they decided to explore Nu Skin's products and business further.


For Sharon, she found Nu Skin to be a viable business and decided to do it full-time. However, it was a challenging experience during her Nu Skin journey as her father passed away at that time. "This incident made me realize that it is crucial to plan years ahead and make the right changes," Sharon shares. "I am grateful I made the change in my life by embarking in a Nu Skin business back then."


After being with Nu Skin for over a year, Max and Sharon experienced substantial changes in their lives. Not only did they look and feel better inside out, their lifestyle improved significantly as well. They also had more time to spend with their family in Malaysia – something that they didn't get to do often in their previous jobs in Singapore due to long-distance travel.


For Max, switching from financial planning to Nu Skin is a breath of fresh air as he is now able to a lead a team and help them to grow; unlike in his previous venture where he could only depend on himself. He realized that with the same amount of effort, he helped more people via his Nu Skin business. He attributes this to Nu Skin's excellent business model which provided a win-win situation for both himself and his prospects.


Both Max and Sharon have no regrets making such a big career move in their lives. However, it wasn't easy in the beginning as there were still a lot of things to learn and many skills to improve. According to Max, one of the prime challenges in their Nu Skin business was switching from employment mentality to an entrepreneur mindset.


"When we were employed, we had many “barriers” imposed by our workplace environment which included income range and the capacity to grow," Max explains. "In Nu Skin, there is practically no limits – whether it's our income or our potential for success. However, we tend not to believe this as we have been approaching this from an employment frame of mind. In this mindset, we don't really dare to think big such as having exponential income, free time and so on."


Max adds that other challenges include developing self-discipline. "When we were employed previously, there were company rules to follow, hence we just went along with them. With Nu Skin, however, we are responsible for everything that we do as it is our own business. Hence, it is important to have self-discipline. For us, this is a form of personal growth," he says.


When asked about their favourite motto, Max and Sharon shared one that meant a lot to them: “Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it,” they say. With this in mind, they will do whatever it takes to accomplish their business goals.


Finally, the couple is thankful that they can always turn to their Nu Skin mentor, Mr. Chua Syer Cin for guidance in the face of challenges. They are also grateful for the advice of their other mentors who helped them approach the difficult aspects of the business from a different perspective “We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our mentors, Mr. Yap, Lilian, Ong Gee, Rayne and Angela as well as support from Nu Skin, including our Account Managers,” the couple says. “Without them and you all, we can’t achieve all this at Nu Skin!”

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