Lim Meng Lee

Lim Meng Lee

Executive Brand Director

Life is meant to be lived and lived well!


Nu Skin offered more than just a new career path for Lim Meng Lee, it also inspired a whole new world of self-discovery and personal growth for this New Executive Brand Director. Previously a commercial banker, Meng Lee liked what he was doing, but he soon realized that he was just settling into his comfort zone.


Meng Lee realized that there was more to life than just being contented with small goals and forgotten dreams. It was at this time of deep self-inquiry that he learnt about Nu Skin products and business opportunity which provided him with the perfect platform to pursue his heart's desires.


"I believe we are not born to merely conform to mediocrity," Meng Lee says. "Through this incredible Nu Skin platform, whatever that you seek for in life, it can be discovered right here! I am very excited about the upcoming years because I know life is going to be better as I unravel the path towards my goals and work towards them one by one."


Along with a better lifestyle, having more control of his time motivated Meng Lee to continuously strive for success in his Nu Skin business. "After being in the Nu Skin business for a period of time, I realized that apart from having the capacity to have supplemental income, I was finally able to take control of my life," Meng Lee explains. "Gone were the days when my life was dictated by the regular office hours. I now have the flexibility to arrange time spent with my family and loved ones."


Leveraged income and the flexibility to work on own terms aside, the key turning points for Meng Lee in his Nu Skin journey were self-discovery and personal transformation. It was through discovering who he was and how he could change inside out for the better that truly made difference in his life.


"Back then, I had this belief that it is ‘my way or the highway’. I was also a very self-centred and egoistical person. I often spoke without taking the feelings of others into consideration. As such, during my first year of the business, I faced many challenges – people who joined me started to leave and I was unable to communicate effectively with my business partners," Meng Lee shares. "I knew that if I wanted success, I had to make changes. I realized I must let go of my ego and be humble. I also learned that I have to continuously improve myself. At the end of the day, learning and growing is a lifelong journey."

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