Liew Shiou Yin

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Liew Shiou Yin

Executive Brand Director


“Go Double, Double!”


Shiou Yin was an auditor for 9 years with a Big Four international accountancy firm. After that, she joined a local university as Accountant.


She boldly ventured into Nu Skin with no prior experience in any form of sales. However, she came to this business with dreams to change the destiny of herself and whoever willing to open up their mindset to understand what Nu Skin can bring to them. With time, her understanding of Nu Skin’s vision and mission deepens.


During the period of more than 3 years in this platform, she always believes that success will definitely arrive and she is not swayed by advice from friends and relatives who have misconception towards this business.  She reached the first chief milestone of Executive Brand Director with particular thanks to the corporate staff of Nu Skin Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei for their endless help, and uplines Circle of Excellence IV & 11 Year Presidential Director, Angela Liew & Rayne Ho; Circle of Excellence I & 8 Year Presidential Director, Henry Ho;  Circle of Excellence I & 5 Year Presidential Director, Teresa Tan & Michael San and 1 Year Presidential Director, Chua Chin Kee for their valuable guidance, her family for their tireless support, downlines and sidelines for their hard work and collaboration!

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