Kenny Tay & Aileen Tan

Kenny Tay & Aileen Tan

Executive Brand Director


“Strive on with courage, and you will be the Champion of Champions!”


What is the possibility that you will hear the same questions from two different persons within 10 minutes? Well, that is exactly how Executive Brand Director, Aileen Tan, came to learn about the business.

“One day, my ex-colleague gave me a call and asked if I have heard about Nu Skin after I just hung up with another friend, who told me about it too. And I thought to myself, since it was such a coincidence, I should at least find out more about it. Before I knew it, I was attracted to the products for their excellent benefits. But I did not join the business then. When I attended the 2002 Global Convention, I began to realize the wonderful company values as I witnessed what the company had done to help children through its Force For Good and Nourish the Children initiatives. That was when I told myself that this could be my big break,” recalled Aileen.

“Actually a lot of people in Kuching have heard about Nu Skin, and many of them had tried to cope with the business, too. However, due to the fact that the residents here are living at a slower pace, compared to KL, they are quite comfortable with their current lifestyle and did not want or dare to take up new challenges. A lot of them gave up after some unsuccessful trials. But through perseverance and proper communications, we consolidated a team of people with dreams and the courage to strike out to pursue them.” Kenny revealed.

According to Aileen, “Nu Skin Enterprises provides me with the opportunity to venture into the international platform. Through these years of hardwork, we have expanded our market into Malaysia, Singapore, China and Indonesia. And I believe the list will go on in years to come. Had it not for Nu Skin being such an established yet progressive company, I do not think this would ever be possible.

With Kenny’ s management experience and Aileen’s outgoing personality, they become a good business team in building this people business. One manages while the other executes. Success is never easy, but when these champion qualities combine, then we will have what is standing before us today - our newly ordained Executive Brand Director, Aileen Tan and Kenny Tay!“ strive with courage, and you will be the Champion of Champions!” Aileen cheered.

The new Executive Brand Director would like to thank you their sponsor, Annie Bong, for showing them the business, their uplines from Taiwan, Circle of Excellence I & 3 Year Team Elite, Wang Cao Wei and Lin Chiao Chiao for building their strong knowledge about the business as well as Executive Brand Director, Hilda Pang and upline Chu Hung Chin for their support and understanding along the way.

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