Kathy Low Ka Tuan & Rex Lee Chang Chin

Low Ka Tuan & Rex
Lee Chang Chin

Blue Diamond Executive

“We met each other when we were young and pursued our dreams together!”

For the past 12 years, we have been running our own traditional businesses, from computer aided teaching to indoor environmental engineering to corporate resources management. The business expanded but so did the pressure. There was less and less time for our family. There were a lot of ups and downs too. We lived quite comfortably off, but all the hard work had taken a toll on our health and stamina. Health crisis loomed, and we were baffled about our lives. We found ourselves on the crossroad of whether we should continue the business. We had forgotten about our dreams, ambitions for a wonderful career, everything! We compromised with our lives, yet we were not reconciled. We did not want a compromised life and leave this world full of regrets. But did we have a choice?  


Nu Skin has helped us regain good health, master our time, found our dreams and future!


Now that we have found our goal, we are living a more meaningful life and ready to face all the challenges!


We plunge into Nu Skin business wholeheartedly! 


We must thank Nu Skin for the achievement we have attained so far. Now we can go travelling with friends and relatives, have a lot of fun and leave behind a lifestyle full of financial and time restraints.



We would also like to thank all our uplines for their assistance, our sidelines for their encouragement, and our downlines for their unwavering trust.


“The courageous one wins it all! Success comes from overcoming obstacles, naturally!”